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Prime Minister Harper and the Canadian Missionary Alliance

Prime Minister Stephen Harper I am not a member of the Canadian Missionary Alliance and I haven’t made up my mind who I am going to vote for in the election but I found this article in the Vancouver Sun about Harper’s evangelical faith a little over the top.

I am not sure how this is any different than in the 60s where John F. Kennedy was labeled an “agent of the Pope” because he was Roman Catholic.

The images used in the article show the bias as does the author ripping on Harper’s church for not having crosses at the front.  I guess this begs the question, “how many crosses does a church need for it to be adequately Prime Ministerial?”  It goes on to insinuate that most of it’s members support Harper.  Well the church is in Calgary, Alberta, he is their local MP, and attends the church.  If they hated him, that would be a news story.

I know the story was posted on a blog but it is a blog that belongs to the Vancouver Sun, written by a beat writer that is employed by them.  Maybe having an editor take a look over those things might be a good idea.