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Filing for divorce

I have been listening to C95 since it came on the air.  It is one of my single running constants in my life but all good things come to an end and I am looking for a new morning radio station.  What killed it was this.  Listening to Perez Hilton on the radio on the morning is a little too much to handle.  Not only do I have no interest in celebrity gossip, it is inane and mindless celebrity rambling which causes me to turn off the radio whenever it is on.  It also seems to be a bad fit with the C95 Morning Show but that is for the producers over at Rawlco to decide.

So after saying goodbye to C95, I tried out Wired 96.3 and this week I am giving CBC Radio2 a try in the mornings.  I will give Rock 102 a try as well.  Any station that doesn’t have Perez Hilton playing on it, will definitely have an advantage.