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Portraits of Saskatoon

Portraits of Saskatoon

If you are still looking for a spectacular gift with a Saskatoon theme, check out these prints by Saskatoon photographer Christina Weese of the Victoria Traffic Bridge. They look fantastic, are a limited run, and you are supporting a local artist.  Oh yeah, someone is also getting a great gift.

Speaking of the arts, I was just checking out The Stall Gallery website and noticed you can purchase works of art by my friend Brooke Graham.  The same thing could be said about giving away her work although with both of these artists, there is a temptation to turn the holidays into the season of buying art for myself.

Nowhere with Me

My friend Brooke Graham e-mailed me last night and let me know she is blogging again.  Of course lots of friends are blogging and Twittering and I don’t always link to them but Brooke can rant like few can.  Anyways, as I reading through her posts and trying to decide which one to link to, this one jumped out at me as being a must read: Just because you act like a nice guy doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole.