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I emptied out my office at work.  All of my personal effects are gone today.

I am not quitting but I decided to redecorate my office this week.  I am not sure what I want to do with it but I am not that happy with it and I really don’t enjoy being in it.    When I moved in, it used to be the home of our corrections coordinator who bailed out on it for an office with a window.  He was a wise man.

It’s big but it’s two different shades of light grey.  No window.  No natural light.  Fluorescent ceiling lights.  In other words it is the world’s most depressing office space in the world.  There was stuff mounted to the walls and I ended up trying to hang things so that I could hide the flaws in the wall.  It looked terrible and I was never that happy with it.

On top of that, people have been piling things they think should go in the women’s shelter, junk they don’t want to store in their offices, and a lot of Christmas stuff in there.  By December 26th, it looked terrible in there.

As I cleaned and decluttered, it looks a lot less hospitable but for some reason I like it better.  It’s almost as if my mind is saying to me, “nothing is better than the wrong look”.  The other plus is that if I am fired, I don’t have to gather many personal items as I am escorted out of the office. 

I am not sure what I am going to do with it.  We had thousands of posters from the 80s and 90s donated and a bunch of them were mediocre baseball players.  Part of me thinks it would be hilarious to decorate the office with some of them.  Plus, the entertainment value of seeing people trying to figure out why I have a giant Brett Butler poster in my office would be worth it.

The Guardian has this section where they profile the rooms that famous English authors write in and they are range from looking like there needs to be an intervention for hoarding to being cold and inhospitable but apparently they all work.  So for right now the only personal items that are in my office are a couple of gel pens and my upgraded computer speakers and nothing else.  What’s odd about it is that I like it this way although I can’t figure out why.