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You know how the game is played…

One of Bread. Butter. Cheese's daily special.

An undercover grilled cheese dealership operating out of an apartment in New York.

38553_148396085175004_117276638286949_487042_5905018_n You know how this game is played.

Meet in a crowded public place. Read the paper, pull your fedora down and wait for your contact to arrive. And then—the handoff.

An unmarked brown paper bag, filled with 2¼ ounces of… pure grilled cheese.

Welcome to Bread.Butter.Cheese., a covert grilled cheese dealership operating out of an apartment and making drops in the tiny East Village park on First and First, starting today.

This is awesome.  Someone needs to do something in Saskatoon, it would be a lot of fun.  Of course you don’t have to do grilled cheese, Kraft Dinner Sandwiches would be great as well.  As all of you know, I am not a big fan of Facebook but I love how they are using Facebook to communicate what’s going on.