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Brandon Marshall is an idiot

Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos

Check out this video, reflect on the fact that he dropped more catchable balls than any other WR not named Braylon Edwards, take into consideration he doesn’t know the Denver Broncos playbook yet, and ask yourself why shouldn’t he be suspended for many games without pay for conduct detrimental to the team.  Update: The Broncos have suspended him for the remainder of the pre-season.  According to NFL Network, If you’re the Broncos, you keep him on indefinite suspension and move on. If you allow it to happen twice, you’ve lost the respect of your players and the ability to control your personnel.

The All Indispensible Team

Who are the players, teams in the NFC can’t lose?  The AFC players are listed here.  I got a kick of out of listing of Shaun Smith for the Detroit Lions.  What’s going to happen to the Detroit Lions if he goes down with an injury?  Get worse than last year?  Sadly for the Denver Broncos, Brandon Marshall is being listed as their most indispensible player and he hasn’t even bothered to learn the playbook yet.