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Tweaking the Site

I am on partial vacation this week and have had some time to tweak the site a bit.  The big difference is you can see an ugly photo of my that is about five years old (I really need a new one taken) and I have added some icons to my other places that I frequent online.  I had toyed with the idea of using 48×48 icons from Iconspedia but they didn’t go with the blog and then I noticed that Jonny Baker has some 40×40 icons on his site so I decided to go with 16×16 icons that I used to have on an old design.

While I was at it, I found out that my theme has been updated by it’s creator and it now includes gravatar support.  For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, you can sign up at WordPress.com for an account that allows you to create a profile that also allows you to easily leave comments on WordPress powered blogs.  If you wish, it can include an avatar as well.

Some of other changes included some new themes that I will be developing in 2009.  More of the focus on the site in 2009 will be on justice, community, poverty (and it’s many causes and results) and theological issues.  Theology is impossible to separate from the church and the church is local.  The theological issues I am wrestling with are shaped by the injustice and poverty I see on a daily basis and will involve a process of me examining some of my theological roots.  As Barth said, we have to begin each day again at the beginning.

Theological work is distinguished from other kinds of work by the fact that anyone who desires to do this work cannot proceed by building with complete confidence on the foundation of questions that are already settled, results that are already achieved, or conclusions that are already arrived at. He cannot continue to build today in any way on foundations that were laid yesterday by himself and he cannot live today in any way on the interest from a capital amassed yesterday. His only possible procedure, every day, in fact every hour, is to begin anew at the beginning… Yesterday’s memories can be comforting and encouraging for such work only if they are identical with the recollected that this work, even yesterday, had to begin at the beginning and, it has to be hoped, actually began there. In theological science, continuation always means “beginning once again at the beginning”.

The other change is the contextless links.  They won’t be quite so contextless this year and will be more focused around those issues and ways to engage with them.  Twitter will still be as random though.  The tweets posted here exclude any conversational tweets (those beginning with an @) which will mean less tweets and a little less confusing).  This isn’t so much a change as an update as it has been going on for a while but any architectural/design links that I find get posted at the cabin’s weblog.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope to hear from you as I explore some new ideas as well as revisit some old ones.