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Mark’s new bike


When I was in grade three, my mom went out and bought me a new BMX bike, it was an Apollo Kuwahara.  It was an entry level BMX bike that was made by Apollo under license from Kuwahara.  Back in 1983 it cost an unheard of $250 and at a time when we were struggling to make ends meet as a family, it was a significant gift. 

The bike lasted through my childhood and later my brothers and I wanted to get Mark something similar.  We looked and looked and looked.  Of course Mark was torn between wanting a mountain bike or a BMX and being a kid, every bike we saw was one that he was going to be fine with.  Mark isn’t that greedy or materialistic and it was hard for me to convince him that this was going to be HIS bike and he needed to tell me what he thought was cool.  Of course there are those bikes that also look like motorbikes.  All of my friends had them.  They were really cool for 3 weeks and then they all looked dumb for the next year so I did have the power of veto.

Last week we were in Canadian Tire and we saw a bike that made his eyes get big.  It’s a red BMX and while not a Kuwahara, it is the same shade of red that mine was.  It was less money than I planned to spend which is fine but it also means that we can fix it up a bit this summer.  Some stickers, a number plate, and maybe some old school mag rims on them.  I took a long look at it and saw the quality was good and told him to push it out of the store.  Mark promptly put it back.  I asked him why he did that and he replied, “C’mon, you weren’t serious about getting that bike were you.”  I explained that if that is the bike he wants, I was buying it for him.  So after wandering around Canadian Tire for a bit, just to torment him a bit, out we went with it.

He has been riding it all over the place and has managed to wipe out a couple of times as well trying out the trick bars on it.  I hope he likes it as much as I liked mine.