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What went wrong with Vince Young

Excellent column on Fox Sports by Jen Floyd Engel on what happened to Vince Young

A 20-year-old model embarking on an NFL career is doomed to fail if he does not have the right people around him. Family is not the right people, no matter how good or loving or well-intentioned they are.

I should note I liked his mom almost immediately as we sat down for dinner my first night in town. She is one of those parents who had poured everything she had into her kid. It is hindsight to say so now, but there were red flags, mostly the use of “we.”

What was obvious, even before his senior year of college, was that “we” were all going to be working for the NFL.

It is why I hate the Hall of Fame speeches, most recently that of Deion Sanders. I cringed at the part about him making it and how his mom never had to work again — like there is something wrong with work. This is the trap, and there is nobody willing to talk about the trap or why it is a trap or why it is screwed up.

It is like they say on airplanes: Secure your own mask before helping those around you. VY’s biggest failing was not securing that $26 million in guaranteed money before helping anybody else.

Yes, we are talking about $26 million in guaranteed money.

I once asked former NFL coach Bill Parcells what his advice to players was regarding money. He was always meddling in their business, calling them into his office and giving advice too few listened to. What he told them was to bank that signing bonus for a year, live on only one game check, then after a year live on the interest from the bonus.

He said few players listened.

This is the kicker

This sad state of Vince Young, broke and unable to pay the bills, begs the question: How could he be so stupid? The sad and simple answer is this is what too often happens when a 20-year-old is forced to become the family patriarch.

I was never a Vince Young fan.  I thought he was a kind of Kordell Stewart and like Tim Tebow they can have some success in the league but it doesn’t last that long but no one seemed to be able to realize that, most of all, Young and his family who seemed to think that the good times would keep on rolling and rolling.  What I find unbelievable is that Young despite being a backup QB, seemed to think that the money would either never stop or he just couldn’t say no to his mother and uncle.  Either way, what a horrible feeling know what you blew $48 million.