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Strategies for Survival

The Globe and Mail is trying to figure out the prospects for the Big 3.  Ford looks okay, GM is anyone’s call and it looks bad for Chrysler.

Can even Lee Iacocca save Chrysler? In past discussions about its product lineup, Chrysler officials have said they could cut a lineup of 11 SUVs in half and also make changes to the auto maker’s minivans. With the demise of the small car project with Chery, Chrysler is again looking for a way to build a cheap subcompact car — sorely needed in a time of greater fuel economy demands and tight budgets.

Chrysler officials say their situation is dire now, but as the first privately held major U.S. auto maker in more than 50 years, Chrysler is not required to provide details about its finances. Chrysler executives now say that, without government assistance, the company will not survive.

But even with assistance, Chrysler’s future product plan has troubling holes in it, unlike Ford and GM.

I don’t even think Lee Iacocca could save them now.