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Pocket Parks

A Bellingham Parklet

The parklet was installed in a day and could be taken out just as quickly …

“That’s what the businesses are valuing – creating space for people instead of cars,” said Rose Lathrop, green building and smart growth manager at Sustainable Connections …

Before parklets can become a local trend, the city’s Williams said staffers will have to draft policies for their installation for City Council approval.The first one was installed using the city’s existing right-of-way use permit system, which in the past has been used by businesses that wanted to park a trash bin in a city space to hold remodeling debris, Williams said.

Bothman and Lathrop said reaction to the parklet has been almost completely positive.”I’ve heard maybe one negative comment from the mailman who used to park there,” Lathrop said.

Another amazing idea that Saskatoon would be wise to take a long look at.