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Back to Church Sunday

I have never liked the idea that churches took the summer off and I like the idea of a Back to Church Sunday even less.  By doing this in September it communicates that it’s expected that you’re going to take the summer off from church and gives the wrong impressions about what a church community is (something you can disengage and reengage in at your leisure).  Then again I worked at a church where every Father’s Day the senior pastor would say, “See you in September” and take the summer off.  I guess it makes sense if you see church as a Sunday morning performance and the summer is for taking time off but it doesn’t make a lot of sense if church is a community of believers who gather together to worship and serve.  Even if you take the perspective that church is a performance, you are doing damage to the church (as an organization) by hurting giving.  From my experience it didn’t seem to do much good.