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AODBT’s Office

AODBT's new office in Saskatoon

I have been walking by AODBT’s office for the last couple of months and I was anxiously awaiting how it would turn out.  As a resident of a Saskatoon core neighborhood, I was excited to see a firm like AODBT make an investment in the community.  As the exterior of the building got closer and closer to completion, I became more and more disapointed.  The building does have some cool features but in the end, it seemed to be a bad fit for a historic neighborhood.  Perhaps because I walk by this place every day and see how modernism can fit in perfectly in a historic neighborhood, my expectations may be a little high. While AODBT’s new office has some cool elements but it doesn’t really fit in with it’s surroundings in Caswell Hill while at the same time doesn’t really make a statement.

Maybe I just had higher expectations as I really liked what they did with the Thorvaldson Building expansion which both updated and blended in with the traditional University of Saskatchewan campus.

AODBT's new office in Saskatoon

Maybe it will grow on me in time.