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Wendy and I have been married for 12 years today.  With Oliver being sick, it’s a pretty muted celebration but we did go to Chili’s today where we received the worst service I have ever gotten at a restaurant and then we ran some errands, did some shopping, and plan to chill out with some friends later tonight if all goes well.

Our big errand today was to get Mark some new Nintendo DS stylus’.  At the lake last weekend I grabbed his DS and made the observation that his stylus looked chewed on.  Mark confirmed my suspicions which has made a for a week of jokes since then.

I gave Wendy a iTunes card and a series of checklist pads that are designed for travelling while she gave me a new tripod for my camera and an iTunes card as well.  It wasn’t a bad day and we learned never to go to Chili’s again.

Wendy posted her thoughts on our 12 years of marriage today as well.  It’s been harder for her the last couple of years as she has dealt with a lot of external demons that have taken their toll.  Plus, I can’t be easy to live with :-)  I got a kick out of her phrase earlier this week where she just wanted to kick this last to the curb.  Hopefully things will be better a year from now.