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Customer Service at AllPosters

President Barack Obama Poster A month ago I decided I wanted an Obama poster so I logged onto AllPosters.ca and started to look around.  A coworker found out what I was up to and had me order her one.  Wendy found out about this and started to look around and found a great retro Pennsylvania Railroad poster and talked me into getting that. 

I ordered my poster and waited.  I waited and waited and waited.  Meanwhile I had ordered a new Kodak Zi8 from Amazon.ca (my previous one went missing) and I found it left on the back of the deck… in the rain…  After realizing that it was UPS that did that and not Canada Post, I was less worried but I decided to e-mail Allposters.ca to see if I should be concerned that my posters are not hear yet.

In 24 hours I have two different e-mails explaining why they aren’t hear yet and within 48 hours I had another two.  I emailed one of the back thanking them for explaining the problem to and within an hour or so, I got an e-mail back thanking me for being a wonderful customer.  It was crazy that my question was taken that seriously and that customer services is still seen as an art form in some companies.