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Historical Housing (brought to you by Google Street View)

This is the first home we owned in Calgary.  It looked a lot better before it was totally overgrown by shrubs.208 Queen Anne Way in Calgary In 1980, we moved into this house.  The ugly hedge wasn’t there but there was a basketball hoop that has gone missing.

14203 Deer Ridge Drive in Calgary

In 1984, as my parents divorce was finalizing, we had literally no where to go.  The house was sold but the divorce wasn’t finalized which meant that we had no way to put a down payment on a house.  The movers where at the house and my grandfather told my mom to come out to Moose Jaw for the weekend and come up with a game plan.  We came out and spent the summer in an apartment of a tiny Nazarene church he was the pastor of.

Northwest Child Development Centre in Moose Jaw.  Formerly the Nazarene Church It was a good summer and while money was tight, it didn’t rain one in Moose Jaw that summer, and my sleeping quarters were the concrete floor of a Sunday School classroom, I have some fond memories of the summer.  Looking back at it, it was the closest we have ever come to being homeless.

After ruling out Moose Jaw as a place to live (my sister needed a higher level of medical care), we came to Saskatoon for a weekend and stayed with friends of the family.  After a morning of finding nothing appropriate, the realtor took us to this house.  By that night we had a deal worked out to delay the full down payment for a year and the deal was closed.

534 Redberry Road in Saskatoon

Moving out to attend Aldersgate College, I lived in these dorms in Moose Jaw.  Guys had the top floor, the ladies had the bottom two floors.

The former Aldersgate College Building While attending the University of Saskatchewan, I had a really small bachelor suite in City Park.  It’s main feature was it was close to Seafood Sam’s, the greatest sports restaurant in the city.

My first apartment on Google Street View

When Wendy and I got married, our first place was on the east side behind Superstore.  No air conditioning, third floor, southwest exposure.  It got so hot in their that Wendy and I battled heat stroke our only summer living there.

#9 - 210 Lindsay Place in Saskatoon