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Albert Community Centre

Albert Community Centre in Saskatoon

The Albert Community Centre was built in 1912.  It  is a designated Municipal Heritage Property located in the Varsity View. Originally built as the Albert School, the two-and-a-half story brick building served as a public school until 1978 when the building was sold to the city and became the Albert Community Centre.  It is one of the “castle schools” designed by local architect, David Webster.


Mark awaiting the referees decision Mark had his first karate tournament last week at Albert Community Centre.  He went in ahead of us while I parked.  As Wendy, Oliver and I got into an elevator, it went up a story, lurched to a stop and we stayed stuck for a while.  Wendy called the emergency phone and as she was talking on it, we started to fall a couple of bumpy feet at a time which was un-nerving to say the least.  We tumbled three or four times until we had a softer landing and then got out safe and sound.

As we got out, there was a group of people waiting to get on.  We all explained that the elevator wasn’t working and we actually lurched quite badly down a story and not to take it.  One lady goes, “Well I don’t feel like taking the stairs.” and got on.  The other couple was just stunned and again repeated what we had gone on and she got on anyways.  As far as I know, she may be still stuck there.

Mark had a bad experience at the tournament.  He had to spar against a girl he goes to school with and he did not like the idea of having to hit a girl.  While he was trying to figure out how he could win and still be an honorable gentleman, she chased him out of bounds and won the match.  He was feeling pretty horrible until I pointed out that the top four semi-finalists were all girls and all of the guys lost to girls.  They are probably all arguing that they didn’t like to hit girls but several of the girls just had better technique than the guys.  Mark’s ego took a beating even if if his body didn’t.

Of course as his father I have been trying to help him through this.  We were running errands and I offered to protect him from any girls that he saw.  He is looking to be adopted out.