100 Things to Do in Saskatoon Before You Die

If Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman can have a bucket list, so can a city.  Here is a list of 100 things that you need to do in Saskatoon before you die.  Even if you aren’t planning to die anytime soon, it’s a great place to start if you are looking to explore some of Saskatoon’s off the beaten track places, sites, sounds, and tastes.   Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

  1. The Park Cafe in RiversdaleSunday morning breakfast at the Park Cafe.  Get there early to avoid the line up.  (Riversdale)
  2. Shop locally at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market.  Vendors roll in starting at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday’s to get set up and lay out their goods in time for the opening.  While the concept isn’t perfect, it’s the closest thing Saskatoon has to a community market and it’s a lot of fun (Riversdale)
  3. Longboarding from Victoria Park to the Mendel along the Meewasin Trail on a warm summer night. Try to avoid getting a ticket because long boarding in River Landing is illegal. (Riversdale, Downtown & City Park)
  4. Getting away from the distractions at work and settling in to get something done at The Two Twenty (Riversdale).
  5. Browsing a new magazine while drinking a coffee at Collective Coffee (Riversdale).
  6. Weekday lunch at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market. While the weekends are packed with vendors of all sorts at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market, it is a quiet and inexpensive place to grab a quick and good lunch from many of the vendors who are open all week. You have a choice between Giuseppi’s, Riverbend Plantation Market Cafe, Garlic Guru, or the Prairie Pantry. (Riversdale)
  7. Almost freezing to death with a couple hundred other cyclists while going for a January bike ride as a part of Icecycle. (Riversdale)
  8. Saskatoon’s favourite charcuterie boards can be found at Riversdale Deli.
  9. Climbing the ice wall at PotashCorp Wintershines. (Riversdale)
  10. Valentines Dinner at the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market. A perfect way to spend Valentines Day. (Riversdale)
  11. Experience Dim Sum at The Mandarin Restaurant or the Genesis Family Restaurant.
  12. Wandering out the cold and depressing grey of January in Saskatoon into Saskatoon Civic Conservatory and seeing actual colors and breathing in humidity. (City Park)
  13. A night of Shakespeare by the river. (City Park)
  14. Enjoying a cup of coffee with friends on the deck of City Perk.  It has recently become licensed giving you another reason to visit Saskatoon’s best coffee shop. (City Park)
  15. Watching a kid you know take the field for the first time at the annual Charity Bowl at Saskatoon Minor Football Field (Holiday Park)
  16. Drop into the bowl at the Lion’s Skatepark (Holiday Park)
  17. Playing a the cheapest championship calibre golf course in the country, Holiday Park Golf Course.   If you are a golfer and haven’t tried it out, you are missing out. (Holiday Park)
  18. Go rowing or kayaking through a glass like South Saskatchewan River early some summer morning. (Riversdale)
  19. Watching a University of Saskatchewan Huskies basketball game from the courtside seats at the PAC and feeling like you are Jack Nicholson at a L.A. Lakers game (University of Saskatchewan)
  20. Mountain biking the single track trails north of Circle Drive Bridge along the east side of the river. (University of Saskatchewan)
  21. Trying to stay warm as the University of Saskatchewan Huskies football team hosts their archrivals the University of Regina Rams at Griffiths Stadium. (University of Saskatchewan)
  22. Do some urban spelunking in the steam tunnels beneath the University of Saskatchewan.  Make sure you don’t get caught. (University of Saskatchewan)
  23. If you are a politico or a fan of history, make sure you take in some time to slowly wander through the Diefenbaker Canada Centre at the University of Saskatchewan. (University of Saskatchewan)
  24. Nachos at Alexander’s. Extra cheese, hold the jalapeños, with an order of guacamole on the side. One of Canada’s best campus hangouts.  (Varsity View)
  25. Playing tennis at the Nutana Tennis Courts just north of the Traffic Bridge (Nutana)
  26. Taking in Broadway Avenue from the roof of The Yard and Flagon on a hot summer’s evening. (Nutana)
  27. Irish? Scottish? Welsh? If you are, check out Clans on Broadway (Nutana)
  28. Take in the sights, smells and sounds of Broadway Avenue during the PotashCorp Fringe Festival. (Nutana)
  29. A quiet weekday night at Bud’s on Broadway. There is something to be said for a big crowd and rocking band but every once in a while it is great to wander in, sit at a table in the corner with some friends and just listen to the blues. The best part of it is that you may be the only ones there other than the lead singers girlfriend. Just try to resist the temptation to yell, Play Freebird… some of the bands don’t get the reference. (Nutana)
  30. Take in the Sunday night poetry night at The Woods Ale House (Downtown)
  31. Wander Broadway Avenue and take in the annual Broadway Art Encounter. (Nutana)
  32. Warm up on a cold night with a fondue with friends at The Upstairs (Nutana)
  33. Slipping in the stage door of Amigo’s Cantina to avoid the cover charge and then enjoying a plate of great Mexican food while listening to a band that you never would have if you had to pay the cover. (Nutana)
  34. Wandering into the Bulk Cheese Warehouse for the first time and wondering why you have never done this before. (Nutana)
  35. Surf the web at the Broadway Roastery while drinking a great dark roast coffee early on a weekday morning. (Nutana)
  36. End an evening enjoying the desserts at Calories Restaurant (Nutana)
  37. Tobogganing at either Diefenbaker Park (Exhibition) or at the Pest in George G. Archibald Memorial Park (Richmond Heights).  Cam Fuller is completely right when he says the “Pest” is the best hill.
  38. Try and purchase some Doukhobor Bread at the Saskatoon Ex. As the StarPhoenix said, “It’s done the old-fashioned way. You can’t rush success. Half an hour to mix the flour, with the water, oil, salt, sugar "and a dash of vinegar to help the rise," and then the dough is transferred to rising bins for an hour, before being moved into individual loaf pans for a further hour. Then it’s time for the batch of 90 oven-ready loaves to hit the heat. The three wood-fired ovens work overtime during Exhibition week, producing about 800 loaves a day and a lot of happy smiles from the booth’s regular clientele. (Exhibition)
  39. A night at the horse races at Marquis Downs. (Exhibition)
  40. Spend Good Friday at the Draggin’s Rod and Custom Car Show. If you are going to go, get there early and see some of the most spectacular restoration of classic cars in Canada and the United States Spend Good Friday at the Draggin’s Rod and Custom Car Show. If you are going to go, get there early and see some of the most spectacular restoration of classic cars in Canada and the United States (Exhibition)
  41. Head back in time to 1910 and wander through Main Street Saskatoon at the Western Development Museum (Exhibition)
  42. Watching the PotashCorp Saskatoon Fireworks Festival from River Landing. (Downtown)
  43. Find your favourite old bands (and some new ones as well) at the Vinyl Exchange. (Downtown)
  44. Spending your wedding anniversary at the Delta Bessborough Hotel. (Downtown)
  45. Spending a hot summer night with friends on the rooftop deck of O’Shea’s Irish Pub (Downtown)
  46. Meet up at 6Twelve for cocktails and tapas in an urban hangout. (Downtown)
  47. Taking dinner and a play.  Dinner first at the 2nd Avenue Grill and then heading down to the Persephone Theatre (Downtown)
  48. Explore Dena’s on 21st for the latest in women’s fashions (Downtown)
  49. Visit the “Cathedral of Methodism”, built in 1912-1913. Third Avenue United Church is the third largest sanctuary of the United Church of Canada. The interior gothic design is built without pillar support. Three large stained-glass windows with life-size figures are a special feature of the sanctuary depicting the Nativity, the Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper. There is also a Casavant three-manual pipe organ complete with 39 stops and over 2400 pipes. Tours are available by arrangement. (Downtown)
  50. The Night Oven Bakery is one of the best ways to start your morning.  It is home to some of the freshest home made breads, pastries, and other bakery items in the country.  Stone milled flour, wood fired bread is all you need to know. (Downtown)
  51. Saskatoon is home to Canada’s best outdoor ice rink just north of the Delta Bessborough Hotel. (Downtown)
  52. Enjoy the Taste of Saskatchewan, a festival celebrating the restaurants that make Saskatoon so much fun to live in. (Downtown)
  53. Movies in the Meewasin Valley. A free movie in Friendship Park with a small concession stand while you watch the movie on blankets or lawn chairs. (Downtown)
  54. Enjoy a night on the street level patio at Hudson’s Tap House (Downtown)
  55. Watch the movers and shakers of Saskatoon walk by with a window counter at Jakes on 21st. (Downtown)
  56. Go shopping for shoes at Swank Shoe Lounge or Durand’s (Downtown)
  57. A night of jazz and blues at The Bassment, one of the world’s best jazz clubs.
  58. Take a break from your diet and stop in at the Cupcake Conspiracy. Peanut and tree nut free cupcakes baked fresh daily. With 14 regular flavours and one new specialty flavour every week, you’re find something that you will love. (Downtown)
  59. Enjoy a burger downtown at The Congress Beer House.  One of the best burgers in Saskatoon.
  60. While not just found in Saskatoon, if you are looking for the best in chocolate (and who isn’t), you will find it at Bernard Callebaut. (Downtown)
  61. Hot dog and ice cream from the Bus Stop Refreshments (Downtown) | My recommendation is you make two trips (hot dog first) and chill out on one of the many 21st Street benches.
  62. Find and introduce yourself to the ghost that haunts the Delta Bessborough Hotel. (Downtown)
  63. Long rated as one of Saskatoon’s best unique dining experiences, a night at the Samurai is one that won’t forget. (Downtown)
  64. Take a horse drawn carriage ride of downtown Saskatoon. Bessborough Hotel to University Bridge to Saskatchewan Crescent, overlooking downtown Saskatoon, to the Broadway Bridge and back to the hotel. (Downtown)
  65. Evening at the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra (Downtown)
  66. A night enjoying the food at Ayden’s Kitchen Bar.  One of Saskatoon’s best known restaurants. (Downtown)
  67. Enjoy the fresh kiln baked goods of the Night Oven Bakery. (Downtown)
  68. Valentines Day at The Victorian.  It’s almost impossible to get a table that night but the food is spectacular. (Mayfair)
  69. A quiet dinner for two at Mr. Rizzo’s (Caswell Hill)
  70. Treat yourself to an evening of Caribbean food at the Konga Cafe. My recommendation is the Curry Shrimp or the Spicy Peanut Shrimp. No matter you order, you can’t go wrong. (Caswell Hill).
  71. Spending the day exploring the Caswell Arts Festival (Caswell Hill)
  72. Watching the Saskatoon Blades host the Prince Albert Raiders on the second half of a home and home series. (Credit Union Centre).
  73. Montgomery Garage Sale on the first Sunday of May. (Montgomery)
  74. Saskatoon Symphony book sale. This is a book lovers dream, a week of some of the cheapest book prices you will ever see, a great selection, and new stock every day. It’s like a different book sale every day of the week. (Confederation)
  75. Spicy Soup at the Saigon II. You can tell who else is having it by the sweat on their brow. (Kelsey-Woodlawn)
  76. Watching NHL playoff hockey in the lounge at Boston Pizza.  Bonus points if the Edmonton Oilers are playing and you are cheering for the other team.
  77. Getting your bat on a ball in the fast baseball cage at the Grand Slam Batting Cages (secret is to swing and hope as the ball comes out) (Brevoort Park)Wander the aisles of McNally Robinson and celebrate the fact that there still are great independent bookstores. (Brevoort Park)
  78. Enjoy an Artisan Burger and some ice cream from Jerry’s Food Emporium. (Brevoort Park)
  79. Teaching your kids how to golf at Silverwood Golf Course (Silverwood) or head out to Crickle Creek Pitch & Put.
  80. Mother’s Day Buffet at The Saskatoon Inn (Airport)
  81. Check out the Blairmore Ring and then try to figure out why it needs to be outside the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport? (Airport)
  82. Take a boat tour of the city with Shearwater Tours (South Saskatchewan River)
  83. Bundle up and take a walk or a horse drawn sleigh ride through the Enchanted Forest which runs every November – January at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm (Forestry Farm)
  84. Catch some lake trout without leaving the city at the Forestry Farm Fishing Pond. (Forestry Farm)
  85. A nice hike and picnic at Cranberry Flats on a hot day. (South of Saskatoon)
  86. Lace up your skates and stop by the Jemini Arenas for some pickup hockey anytime Tuesday-Thursday during the year.
  87. 18 holes of golf at Dakota Dunes Golf Course. Picking the best golf course in Saskatoon is a little like picking your favorite child, someone is going to be offended but the Dakota Dunes golf course offers a unique experience not found in a lot of places in western Canada. (South of Saskatoon)
  88. Taking a drive out Valley Road and stopping at The Berry Barn for a cool beverage and Saskatoon Berry Pie on their back patio. (South of Saskatoon)
  89. Enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner and theatre at The Barn Playhouse (North of Saskatoon)
  90. Exploring the pathways of Waneskewin Heritage Park and taking some time to reflect on the history of the ground you are walking on. (North of Saskatoon)
  91. A night getting grit and dust out of your teeth after watching the stock car races at Auto Clearing Motor Speedway. (North of Saskatoon)
  92. Riding the mountain bike trails of Blackstrap Provincial Park.  Some of the best in Saskatchewan.
  93. Take some fast laps around the track at Velocity Raceway where speeds regularly hit 85 kph (East of Saskatoon).
  94. Make a late night donation in person at the C95 Radio Marathon for Cancer Research.  Yeah you can call or mail in a donation but show up in person and listen to the stories of cancer survivors in Saskatoon.  It will change you. (Location changes annually)
  95. Of the 733,000+ geocaches hidden around the world, 400 of them are in Saskatoon. How many of them can you find? (All over Saskatoon)
  96. Celebrating all of Saskatoon’s heritages with thousands of your closest friends at Folk Fest. (All over Saskatoon)
  97. Take in one of Saskatoon’s spectacular food trucks.  There are several great ones but Ace Burger is my favourite. (All over Saskatoon)
  98. Explore the Ukrainian Riviera, or Wakaw as it is known on hot summer day. (Daytrip)
  99. A day trip to Batoche National Historic Site and Fort Carlton taking the Wingard Ferry across the South Saskatchewan River. While you are out, make sure you check out the Fish Creek Church before it topples over. (Daytrip)

51 thoughts on “100 Things to Do in Saskatoon Before You Die”

      1. I just found myself thinking the same thing Ty haha. Unfortunately I am a senior (4th year), so I had better get my behind in gear!

  1. I have to add “stop by Pooh Corner at the Frances Morrison Library and enjoy a storytime from their talented staff… and while you’re there, borrow some great books and DVDs from the Library!”

  2. How about veiwing the amazing stained glass windows and interior of Third Avenue United Church? There may be not much longer to do so.

  3. Awesome list! Great to see such support for our fine city! We really feel that as a ” 101st thing to do in Saskatoon before you die” is to try paintball or laser tag at Rock Ridge Paintball and Laser Tag Games Adveture Park 10 minutes north of Saskatoon! A truely exhilarating experience!

  4. #57 is now Hudson’s Tap House…no more John’s Prime Rib, but you could replace it with going to the Observatory at the U of S and see the stars and planets.

  5. Wow this is great! i’m coming to Saskatoon for a week and I’m planning to bring your list with me. Thank you

  6. saskatoon is a redneck city with shitty food and pretensions toward a cosmopolitan aura it will never have. but the majority of the ppl who live there wouldnt know the difference because theyve never left. the food is shit (canadians have no taste buds worth mentioning), the locals are small town, the “entertainment” is equivalent to the quality of the food and saskatooners think a “fun” way to spend a sunday night is by standing on 8th watching the cheap local version of cars on parade.

    1. I agree with you there!! I’ve lived many other places and here is defiantly lacking. What sorts of things do u do for fun in the city ?

    2. Saskatoon? Redneck? Hardly. I come from a village of about 100. We shoot stuff, drink beer, fish, shoot more stuff… it’s redneck. Saskatoon is the most yuppie place around. Full of hipsters, rules, fancy art, etc. You need to get your head out of your ass. Btw, the food here isn’t shit. It’s not mom’s home cooking but it’s not bad.

  7. @Jonah. Did u pull your head out of your ass before writing that post? GROW UP. Saskatoon is beautiful and if you can’t appreciate our city and our locals, then why are you on a page talking about things to do in Saskatoon before you die?! I’d like to know where you went to eat that the food was so horrible? Sincerely hope you got food poisoning and it tainted that black heart you so obliviously have.

  8. @Dee. Jonah is right and does not have his head up his ass (you do). I have lived here for years and I am soon to be leaving. The socialist mindset of these backwards time-warp stuck people have created an entitlement-based society full of obese idiots who demand the government do everything for them. I look forward to the day when the socialist health care system collapses under it’s own fat weight of debt and commitment to not taking personal responsibility for one’s self, and when the grossly over-priced real estate market collapses back to where it should be. I suggest that one of the things people do before they die is get the fuck out of this province (I know I am). -Jay

    1. Pretty sure the entitlement based obese society isn’t a feature of Saskatoon solely, look at the North America…..maybe you should live in China. I bet you love walking into your hospital/doctors office for free though…I’m by no means poor and don’t mind seeing a sick child receiving care even if it is slightly at many expense. All the less I’m sure you’re the person who would drive right past someone with a flat tire…oh well shows parenting has gone to shit too.

    2. We are actually one of the least socialist provinces in Canada, so get the fuck out of here asshole. Go back to whatever communist country you crawled out of.

    3. Jay. I feel sorry for you when those things happen, which they may. When they do, since it sounds like you aren’t in an income bracket to support your own future medical needs (negativity counteracts all that personal responsibility you claim you take for your health) and certainly not among the real estate owning hoi polloi, I suspect you may find yourself on the short end of the health and housing stick. Too bad.
      Life is what you make it, no matter where you are, and through the luck of the birth lottery, you have landed your ass in a lovely place, with all your human needs taken care of. Free of the huge natural disasters that other parts of the world endure and die in. You wake up each day to more sunshine that most places on the planet. You have food grown right in your backyard by hardworking farmers and ranchers. ||The winters are cold, but you have some of the world’s biggest natural gas deposits under your ass. The summers are hot, but our rivers provide the electricity to run your air conditioner. I might note that the hottest places in the world do not have the ubiquitous air conditioning that we do. You need not fear dictatorship, nor the kind of political corruption of places like the Third World, where relief food and money shipments from First World countries are taken over and withheld from the people they govern. You talk about this city and this country like a kid who pouts because Daddy didn’t buy you the shiny black Jeep you wanted.
      You, Jay, and a few commenters before you, need to grow up and be grateful for every damn thing you have, including this city.

  9. I think a trip to Batoche should be in the top 25 especially on a beautiful warm spring or summer day. The views of the river valley from the lookout west of the church on Mission Ridge are spectacular and speak to why the Metis people refused to be dispossessed of their little piece of paradise. The tree lines which mark the river lot system are still evident and the lots are still bought and sold like this. Much of our Canadian history lies in this valley just waiting to be discovered…look me up if you come just to say “Hi” as this is where I work as an heritage interpreter and we just love company!

    1. Cause that’s all Saskatoon has to offer . If up would like a to live in a city of over entitled children who wouldn’t know a hard days work if you put it in front them, who also find a culture of drugged out beetniks left over from the early 70’s .. Then by all means move to a city who thinks its bigger in its mind then it actually is. The big cities have a good laugh at the city that thinks it can!

      1. @Joe News flash…your description perfectly resembles ALL cities in Canada. Ever been to southern Ontario? Winnipeg? Calgary? Vancouver? Probably not or you would understand.
        @Bioman there are lots of really great restaurants here, so why not eat! But if you’re into things to keep you occupied on a more regular basis, there are TONS of sports clubs, art groups, etc to join. Hope that ACTUALLY helps.

  10. I have lived in this city my entire life and the only thing on this list I have done is drinks with friends on the rooftop deck at O’Shea’s and going to the Berry Barn.

  11. Hey guys! I’ve traveled a lot and have been to many countries. One word to say about the locals here- suuuper nice people. You would never meet people like this in Austria, Germany, Ukraine or anywhere else.
    Hey, and it’s not all about food…it’s about a company you share this food with:) If you don’t enjoy it-may be you are lonely…It only takes to open your eyes, ears and your mind

  12. Lydia’s closed this summer.

    Also, the Civic Conservatory, that shares an entrance with the Mendel Art Gallery, will be staying in the same location after the Gallery moves in a couple of years when it’s new building is completed at River Landing.

  13. As intriguing as getting a hotdog at the bus station seems, how could you possibly leave out visiting the Bassment in Saskatoon — on of North America’s, if not the WORLD’S, greatest jazz clubs.

  14. I just moved to Saskatoon 3 months ago from a small northern Manitoba community and my first visits to the city, I was impressed with the culture in this city. As a Manitoban, most of my city trips were spent in Winnipeg. I think Saskatoon has a lot to offer. The drivers are terrible but you can expect that in any city. I don’t think it’s fair to shoot Saskatoon down, as a new resident, I am proud of my new home.


    Attention those who might try and have a good time in Saskatoon, it is actually really dull here. Most cities have a lot more to offer, the fact that we rape impoverished countries and over exploit our own environment, does not really justify the security and wealth we squander by choosing to live in this frozen smear of puke.

    If your from a small town, you may think Saskatoon is cool, but hey, if your from a jail cell, you may think that small town is cool too. Frankly, there’s not many festivals and only two are actually any good, Mosofest and the Jazz Festival. The nightlife, well, sucks unless you like doing the same thing week in and week out. The arts are seriously underfunded, like alot of canada, but you really feel the lack in Saskatoon. Blame our corrupt mayor and his cronyism for that. You can go eat nachos! Or rent a DVD from the library! WOW! Maybe its not that bad, but our drama community is largely a joke. I mean the Caswell Hill Art fair is one church yard big, and its not a big churchyard, only 8-10 vendors even go.

    The best things in Saskatoon are the lack or war, famine, extreme poverty, the abundance of healthcare, and clean water. Go wander around a field or by the river for a day, its not challenging, but can be entertaining the first couple of times. I suggest getting a TV and watching movies or else working and studying for things to do during the winter.

    Saskatoon has some history, but I feel its racism stops it from really shining.

    Its fairly easy to make friends though, because life can be so meaningless here.

    Oh and geocaching is dumb, why would i wander around looking for some random worthless thing that only has appeal because it is hidden? Likely, cause I can’t find anything fun to do. Trust me, just because we have a GPS, doesn’t mean we have to squirrel things away and then let others look for it, and hopefully put it back??? So stupid. Maybe it will be cool in 50 years when all this stashed junk becomes like a time capsule.

  16. If I could make a suggestion to this list …. The Saskatoon Soaps Improv Comedy have been performing at the Broadway Theatre for over 30 years, making this one of North America’s longest running comedy troupes. A hilarious part of Saskatoon’s history.

  17. Community
    Top of the list should be enjoy the friendly community and be part of it. My wife and I had unplanned visit to Saskatchewan during our tour of Canada in 2012 ,we used public transport and talked to many people.
    We visited both Saskatoon and Regina.The people in both cities were very friendly, generous, calm and helpful. We were so happy and comfortable, hence decided to include Saskatoon in our future list of cities which we like to visit again and explore . Luckily we managed to do that in 2013 and had a wonderful time. Saskatoon may not have the top restaurants or the night life of London or Rome but certainly have beautiful blue sky and wonderful people and this is so to the whole of the Province.


  18. Missing – spending a fabulous July Sunday in Kiwanis Memorial Park with your best four legged buddy for the annual Pets in the Park event!

  19. I don’t understand why you can’t belly up to a Boston Pizza anywhere… including Melfort, SK… and cheer for the Oilers. Waste of an item…. I vote U of S conservatory instead.

  20. I love the list it’s like taking a staycation in Saskatoon. I’ll try some of them this summer. May I suggest this tour to be added to it. If you have company visiting Saskatoon book a tour with Mike’s Discovery tours. His knowledge of the history of Saskatoon is amazing. He is a very charming and polite young man. The two hour tour started at the farmers marketed we strolled along the riverbank then to the Senator Hotel and the Bessborough. Returning along Spindina crescent along the riverbank back to the Farmers Market. Mike told us stories about the city of Saskatoon in the late 1800’s and early 1912 era. The first bridge the first sod house and how the Buffalo bones were used for fertilizer. Stories of Prohibition and why the little fossils in the steps at the land titles office were there. Amazing tour all 20 of us enjoyed all his stories on a warm sunny clear blue sky day with a gentle breeze to keep us cool. Sandra Rose

  21. Great list. You must be a native of this city. My former English teacher lives here. Most Indian travelers do not picture Saskatoon when mentioning Canada. I will bookmark this list if I have to travel here to meet my teacher, and to eat some great food. Cheers

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