Saskatoon is one of the greatest places to live on earth. You might as well make the most of it.  Here is a list of things that make Saskatoon such a great place to live.


The best places to eat and dine in Saskatoon


Notable coffee shops and cafes.

Saskatoon Experiences

A list of great Saskatoon experiences, from classic sights to offbeat outings.


A selection of performances, events and other happenings that make Saskatoon a great place to live in.

Pubs and Bars

The best places to relax and meet up with friends at the end of the day.


The stores that you are only going to find in Saskatoon.

Day Trips

When looking at a map it may look like we are in the middle of nowhere but we really aren’t.

100 Things to Do in Saskatoon Before You Die

Everyone needs a bucket list.  Here is yours if you live in Saskatoon.

52 Things to Love About Saskatoon

The StarPhoenix lists their 52 favourite things about Saskatoon


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