2016 Saskatoon Municipal Election Tracker

Trying to keep track of who is running for Saskatoon City Council and the Mayor’s Office?  You are in luck.  Here is a list of those that are running, rumored to run and their chances going into the 2016 Saskatoon Municipal Election.

Mayor’s Race

Incumbent Challengers Notes/Rumors
Don Atchison Charlie Clark

Henry Dayday

Kelley Moore

And look, it has already gotten nasty and we have over a month to go.  The candidate to watch for?  Nano (who’s lawn signs are sprouting up all over Saskatoon)

Saskatoon City Councilor Races

Ward Incumbent Challengers Notes/Rumors
1 Darren Hill

Tyrell Alexander

Wes Cameron

Urban planning student Tyrell Alexander is stepping up to run against three term incumbent Darren Hill.
2 Pat Lorje

Mark Zielke

Hilary Gough

Robert Godfrey

Vernon Linklater

Kelly Parker

Incumbent Pat Lorje is being challenged by communications consultant Mark Zielke, local community organizer Hilary Gough, school board trustee Vern Linklater and courier driver Robert Godfrey.
3 Ann Iwanchuk Mark Mills Ward 3 is now being contested.  Local business owner Mark Mills has tossed his name into the race.
4 Troy Davies Tobi Loopkey We also have a race in Ward 4
5 Randy Donauer Paul Miazga A couple of months ago Donauer was campaigning for another job because he obviously didn’t like this one.  Now he is running for re-election.  Politics.  Mizaga is the publisher of Flow Magazine, a popular lifestyle magazine in Saskatoon.
6   Ian Rambally

Mark Prebble

Troy Wruck

Mike McKague

Cynthia Block

Josie Steeves

Howard Fullford

And now there are seven.  This will be a fun race to watch with all of the candidates running hard and all of them having an established power base.
7 Marin Loewen Monique Koskie  
8   Evan Drisner

Sarina Gersher

This race is on in Ward 8.  Maybe the winner of this race will read their council packages.
9   Jeff Jackson

Robin Mowat

Aaron Kernaghan

Roxanne Kaminiski

Bev Dubois

David Cook

Thomas Hrynuik

Paulsen’s retirement made a boring ward race into a wide open contest.
10 Zach Jeffries Mattea Merta Incumbent councilor Zach Jeffries is running again and is being challenged by a relative unknown.Then again, who knew of Jeffries before he beat Bev Dubois?

24 thoughts on “2016 Saskatoon Municipal Election Tracker”

      1. Jordon, your name seems to be missing as running against Darren Hill. Large majority of residents are ready for a change and if you ran, all those residents are ready to vote for you. You have what people are looking for: realist, empathy, understanding, down to earth even financial savvy. Get you name on there!

        1. A little known fact is that I tend to agree with Darren on a lot of his positions and I think he has done a good job as city councillor for the ward. Running against someone for the sake of being in power doesn’t appeal to me.

        2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I honestly believe the majority of residents in Ward 1 need a change. In Ward 1 area of Mayfair needs to be overhauled. Ward 1 seems to be the dumping ground for the wildlife from 20th & 22nd Street. The backalleys look like the landfill. As for Transit system it isn’t even substandard. I think someone who cares stepup to the plate & revitalize Ward 1.

    1. I feel Saskatoon needs all new council members. it’s time for city hall to have a clean house. Saskatoon is a shame of a city to be living in. Clean house in City Hall. Ps. Len is right, it was a “Lockout”, I wish people would get it right.

    2. You forget there was a work to rule campaign first. If I remember it was 13 busses broken down and well over a month to repair. Sounds fishy to me. Calling in Vince Ready to mediate shows how naive city council was in this whole debacle. They should have looked at his record in BC with the IWA.

    1. Hopefully when I am back from my holidays so I can update the list 🙂

      On a more serious note, anytime before September long weekend. Many candidates told me that people don’t pay attention over the summer and they don’t “tune in” until fall. That being said, lots of work can be done in the summer that matters.

  1. Seems stupid that so many people are focusing on Ward 6 when five other wards are as yet uncontested! I mean, Troy Davies spends council and taxpayer money like it’s of no consequence, barely beat a challenger in the last election and no one wants to take him on? Seriously??

    1. It will be a real kick in the pants of the way our Civic government works if 5 of the wards just have their terms renewed due to lack of challengers.

  2. I’m interested to know where each candidate stands on Gentrification, the creation of Affordable Housing, and Garbage Collection Limits.

  3. I keep hearing Clark running down and making statements about things he would do different than the present mayor. If you look st his council voting on budgets etc. You don’t see much difference in the two voting. Also it takes a majority to make a change so it can’t blamed on one but must be the responsibility of the whole council

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