Here are the things that I tend to invest my time in online.

I started blogging back in 2001 when there was just a handful of us out there and companies often called us bloogers.  Online publishing was ridiculed but I still had fun with it.  It’s also where I archive my columns for The StarPhoenix and radio appearances on the Saskatoon Afternoon Show.  The first 7,000 or so entries were posted to the site using Blogger before I finally switched to WordPress.


In 2004, Caterina Fake let all of us know about a new project her and Stewart Butterfield were working on, it was called Flickr and it was the easiest way to upload and share your photos.  Over the years I have uploaded thousands of photos there and is still the place where almost all of my photos end up.

The Daily

The Daily photoblog by Jordon Cooper

The Daily is my photoblog which I started again in 2013.  It features a daily upload of my favourite photos.  It’s powered by WordPress and the great photography theme, Full Frame.

The Christmas Gift Guides

Christmas  Gift Guides

Several years ago I posted a Christmas Gift Guide and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Eventually more and more people asked if I would do another one and then another one so I did. Now I do about a half dozen Christmas gift guides during November of each year people flock to the site by the tens of thousands to see what I am recommending.  It’s both weird and fun.

The Cooper Cabin

The Cooper Cabin Weblog

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