Here are the things that I tend to invest my time in online.

I started blogging back in 2001 when there was just a handful of us out there and companies often called us bloogers.  Online publishing was ridiculed but I still had fun with it.  It’s also where I archive my columns for The StarPhoenix and radio appearances on the Saskatoon Afternoon Show.  The first 7,000 or so entries were posted to the site using Blogger before I finally switched to WordPress.


In 2004, Caterina Fake let all of us know about a new project her and Stewart Butterfield were working on, it was called Flickr and it was the easiest way to upload and share your photos.  Over the years I have uploaded thousands of photos there and is still the place where almost all of my photos end up.

The Christmas Gift Guides

Several years ago I posted a Christmas Gift Guide and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Eventually more and more people asked if I would do another one and then another one so I did. Now I do about a half dozen Christmas gift guides during November of each year people flock to the site by the tens of thousands to see what I am recommending.  It’s both weird and fun.

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