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Faster Composting

SeptoBacWe have composted for years but this year I started to pour a pouch of SeptoBac into the compost bin a couple of times a month.  Septobac is designed to break down solids in septic tanks but is safe for compost as well.  Basically it is enzymes and bacteria that breaks down garden waste a lot faster than composting alone.

We toss food waste and grass into our compost bin.  Generally it takes about a summer to fully break down, depending on what we put into it.  Because we don’t care that much, we occasionally toss corn cobs, pumpkins, and other things that are really slow to break down.  This year was much of the same but we tossed a pouch of SeptoBac in every week and I was stunned what a difference it has made.  

While the summer has been hot and dry, the compost bin has been devouring and processing waste at an incredible rate and seems to be working really well despite us basically tossing almost anything in there.  While I am conscious of the smell, the door has been less than normal which is a plus as well.  It was surprised at how well this has worked.

You can get SeptoBac at Safeway for any other grocery store.

Someone fetch a dustpan and broom

Sea of rubbish left behind by 90,000 music fans at Reading Festival

Sea of Garbage

A huge clear-up operation began within hours of the annual Bank Holiday event closing on Monday. Despite a ‘Love Your Tent’ campaign imploring people to pack up and remove their camping gear, thousands clearly didn’t.

Last year more than 20 tons of re-useable equipment was salvaged – and this year the figure is expected to be even higher. Some will be offered to local charities but damaged or unplaced equipment will be destined for landfill sites.

If the media covered the United States like it covered foreign countries

Here is the situation,

Let us say that a guy got drunk at a bar outside of Mobile, Alabama, got in a fight with some dudes about University of Alabama versus Ole Miss college football, and ended up shooting them dead in the parking lot.

Terrible, right? Stupid, violent, too many damn guns, shame, right?

Now imagine that some foreigners slapped a crappy pseudo-anthropological analysis on top, full of weird historical references, non-sequitur references to the church, and misguided assumptions about ethnicity.

It would look like this

Yet another massacre has occurred in the historically war-torn region of the Southern United States – and so soon after the religious festival of Easter.

Brian McConkey, 27, a Christian fundamentalist militiaman living in the formerly occupied territory of Alabama, gunned down three men from an opposing tribe in the village square near Montgomery, the capitol, over a discussion that may have involved the rituals of the local football cult. In this region full of heavily-armed local warlords and radical Christian clerics, gun violence is part of the life of many.

Many of the militiamen here are ethnic Scots-Irish tribesmen, a famously indomitable mountain people who have killed civilized men – and each other – for centuries. It appears that the wars that started on the fields of Bannockburn and Stirling have come to America.

As the sun sets over the former Confederate States of America, one wonders – can peace ever come to this land?