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The Full Cast

The full cast of Futurama

The full cast of the Simpsons 

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Wendy and I at home

Do I need to remind you that I have a huge Intenet following?

From the New Yorker

Whatever happened to Pac-Man?


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Is 4 a.m. the new midnight?

Kyle Martin IM’d me and while we were chatting, asked me what the video was that was shown to kick of Soularize.  I had no idea but after looking and looking I finally found it. 

So what did I find?

“The slam poet/tech artist/paper sculptor Rives does eight minutes of lyrical origami, folding history into a series of coincidences … all » surrounding that most surreal of hours, 4 o’clock in the morning. This elusive hour, both very late and very early, appears often in art in literature as a way to describe the most extreme states of affairs. Rives — aided by a nimble mind and extensive online research — reveals 4 a.m. as an iconic moment, drawing hilarious historical connections.

The shorter version is it is a funny link worth clicking on.

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That Sunday morning feeling

Wendy and I have actually had this conversation.

Church Shopping

From The Onion but true enough that it is more sad than funny.