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What does the future bring?

2011 is going to be great

Next year we’ll see location-aware applications roll out into every aspect of our lives—it’s believed that the average U.S. citizen will own at least four different devices helping them work out whether they’re here, there, or five minutes away by next summer, reducing the likelihood of feeling lost by as much as 64 percent. Lateness, however, is expected to increase by 23 percent, as people wander around trying to find a signal for each of their different devices.

Christmas Gift Ideas

The number one thing being search for on the site is Christmas gift ideas so I though I would repost the links to the Christmas gift guides here as everyone is in the rush to get things online and delivered before Christmas Eve.  Hopefully you can find what you are looking for in the links below.  Since it these posts have been in such demand, I’ll leave this post at the top of the blog until Friday so if you are a regular user, scroll down, follow the site on Twitter, or subscribe to the RSS feed of the site for fresh content delivered daily.