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Early anniversary gift

Wendy's Samsung Galaxy 550I had wanted to upgrade Wendy’s Samsung Link for a while now as Virgin Mobile has had some entry level Android smartphones out for a while.  Every time I went out and looked, they were sold out.  I finally tracked one down today at Best Buy and decided to pick up a Samsung Galaxy 550.  It’s not cutting edge but it runs Foursquare, Twitter, Angry Birds, Flickr, and a bunch of other apps pretty well while being a lot cheaper than an iPhone.  While I don’t think it will make me want to give up my Blackberry, it’s a pretty decent little phone.  The bad part is now our competition on Foursquare is heating up.

While I am talking about Virgin Mobile, Visions Electronics is giving away free Virgin phones with no contracts.  You can cancel a month into it if you want.  They have the LG Rumor 2, the Samsung Gravity 3, and some others.

What has Warren Kinsella done lately?

The other day in the hospital, Mark complained to me about his Twitter user name.  He doesn’t like @coopermark and said it looked stupid.  I replied to him that others have that form of username.  When pressed who I was referring to, I said Warren Kinsella’s username on Twitter is @kinsellawarren.  Mark asked who Kinsella was and I said, he helps Liberal’s win elections.  Mark replied with, “So he hasn’t done much lately.”

A Year In Review

After reading Sean Shaw’s review of 2010 for his blog, I started to look at the stats and demographics of  This is what I discovered.

The bulk of my visitors are from the United States and then Canada followed the by U.K.  The site used to be blocked in China but I see the Great Firewall of China has invited me back in for 2010.

Of course there are countries that aren’t so found of this site.  In 2010 it received no visitors from the following countries; Western Sahara, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, Mozambique, Somalia, Swaziland, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.  Then again Sean’s blog could be sucking up all of the traffic from these countries.

My worldwide marketing efforts paid off and I received one visitor each from Cuba, Palau, New Caledonia, Greenland, Mali, Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Maldives, Laos, Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Saint Helena, Congo [DRC], Montserrat, and the Solomon Islands.

My march towards worldwide media domination is working as traffic has doubled in other parts of the world and I have received two visits from each of the following countries.  Benin, Namibia, Grenada, Gibraltar, Cameroon, Kyrgyzstan, Haiti, Madagascar, Myanmar [Burma], Libya, Paraguay, Albania, Botswana, Yemen, Zambia, Moldova, and Réunion.

The top ten keywords of 2010

  1. jordon cooper
  2. jordan cooper (they could be looking for this guy)
  3. narcissistic personality disorder
  4. impact of facebook
  5. facebook impact on society
  6. ford festiva
  7. impact of facebook on society
  8. facebook impact
  9. salvation army christmas hampers
  10. social impact of facebook

As far as technology goes, most of you still use a horrible web browser.  You may want to upgrade to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Jordon Cooper Browser UsedThe most popular phone to browse the site is the iPhone/iPod touch, followed by the Blackberry, Android, and even some T-Mobile Sidekicks.  In 2010 there was also one visitor running OS/2.

Some of the more interesting networks visiting the site more than ten times in 2010 were the RCMP, the Whitehouse (I have had readers now from three different administrations), CTV, Kentucky Department of Corrections, Department of Veterans Affairs, Apple Computer, Briarcrest College (which is interesting in that I used to be banned by them), Defense Research Establishment(apparently there is a military industrial complex), University of Tehran, U.S. Navy, U.S. Department of Justice (was researching a case I had posted about – someone called me to talk about it), USA Today (I think it is a sports blogger), The New York Times (over 1000 page views), Time Inc, Toronto Star, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Energy (nuclear secrets, second door on your left), U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, the Privy Council Office (page views show a loyal reader in the office), Oral Roberts University (?!), Halliburton, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Council on Foreign Relations, Department of Homeland Security, Department of National Defense (looks like a P.R. thing… looking at my posts on the F-35), Canadian Football League, Canadian House of Commons, Canadian Senate, Canadian Space Agency, Canadian Forces Command and Staff College, and CBS.

As far as Twitter goes, I am being followed by 1,132 people and am blocked by one Saskatoon city councilor.

Winds of protest blowing in Jordan?

It seems to be economic in nature

When rallies erupted in January, they were at first largely tribal affairs in the impoverished Bedouin villages where King Abdullah recruits his forces. But as they spread to Amman, the capital, and to other towns, other disgruntled Jordanians, including Islamists, teachers and leftists, have jumped on the bandwagon.

Not sure if King Abdullah’s plan for dealing with the crisis works

In response, the king at first increased the meagre government pensions and salaries by 20 dinars ($28) a month; few of the beneficiaries sounded grateful. Then, on January 31st, he sacked his government, a time-honoured Jordanian device for fobbing off protest. The new prime minister, Marouf Bakhit, comes from the same Bedouin and military stock as most of the protesters. In a previous stint as prime minister, he placated his Bedouin troops by raising their salaries. Muhammad Sneid, who organised the first rural protest in the town of Dhiban, cheered the appointment of one of his own.

Maybe he could take some advice from his step-mother and start using Twitter.