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HBR: Ten Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life

Harvard Business Review lists ten reasons to stop trying to justify having a blog, using Twitter, and posting some photos to Flickr.

  1. When you commit to being your real self online, you discover parts of yourself you never dared to share offline.
  2. When you visualize the real person you’re about to e-mail or tweet, you bring human qualities of attention and empathy to your online communications.
    When you take the idea of online presence literally, you can experience your online disembodiment as a journey into your mind rather than out of your body.
  3. When you treat your Facebook connections as real friends instead of "friends", you stop worrying about how many you have and focus on how well you treat them.
  4. When you take your Flickr photos, YouTube videos and blog posts seriously as real art, you reclaim creative expression as your birthright.
  5. When you focus on creating real meaning with your time online, your online footprint makes a deeper impression.
  6. When you treat your online attention as a real resource, you invest your attention in the sites that reflect your values, helping those sites grow.
  7. When you spend your online time on what really matters to you, you experience your time online as an authentic reflection of your values.
  8. When you embrace online conversations as real, you imbue them with the power to change how you and others think and feel.
  9. When you talk honestly about the real joys and frustrations of the Internet, you can stop apologizing for your life online.

What’s Wrong with SCN?

SCN A couple of months ago the Saskatchewan Party announced that they were going to shut down or sell the Saskatchewan Communication Network.  I wanted to be really upset over this but I just can’t.

After almost 20 years of flipping to the SCN regularly, I have enjoyed a total of three local shows.  I watched the Big Dig, a documentary on the Saskatchewan watershed and the other day I watched a good documentary on the restoration of Convocation Hall.  I went to the SCN website and it took me an hour of searching Google, the SCN website, and the U of S website to find the link which is about to prove my point, it’s really hard to be a fan of the SCN.

I love local programming and film making but what the SCN is broadcasting almost never matches up with what SaskTel Max  is showing, the website is poor quality with a horrible search engine or a online store, and they seem to be ignoring social media (no Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, or weblog) that I can find.  There is a website but it isn’t do anything for the network, the province, or the content creators.  Hire an intern, give them a Twitter account and a blog, develop a partnership with the National Film Board ( or the CBC ( for the backend and create a great online store where I can pay to download or purchase a DVD of what I watched.

My hope is that someone who understands modern media purchases the SCN and makes the network a lot more user friendly.  I love Saskatchewan content but they deserve a network that can present their work to the country and the world.

The worst thing that can happen is that the network shuts down but the second worst thing would be for the Saskatchewan government to fund them at subsistence funding levels they appear to be at now.  The SCN could be so much more but it needs a vision, funding, and management that can deliver a network that all of Saskatchewan wants to watch and takes Saskatchewan content to the world.

Jordon Cooper Outfitters

Jordon Cooper Outfitters

One of the things that I enjoyed this fall was creating the series of Christmas Gift Idea posts that so many people criticized this fall.  While there was some negative comments, the response was overwhelmingly positive from complete strangers who really enjoyed those features and said it made Christmas shopping a lot easier on them.

While creating the guides, for every cool item I posted, there was ten or so that didn’t make the cut.  I didn’t really know what to do with it so I thought of creating a shopping section of the site but I didn’t want to clutter up the site that much for regular readers and at the same time, if you are looking for a great watch to buy, you probably don’t care about NFL highlights.  In the end I decided to split off another site to  For a lack of a better title, here’s introducing Jordon Cooper Outfitters.  It’s a weblog that I hope to update five days a week with products, links, and articles designed to inspire you to get out and do stuff, create stuff, or just change make the world better.  If you want to follow the site, you can subscribe to the RSS feed or follow the site on Twitter @theoutfitters

We’ll see how it goes.

Pacman is nothing but consistent


While as a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan, I would have loved to see Pacman Jones wreak havoc with the Winnipeg Bluebomber locker room, I am amazed how he messed this up.  Twitter + Ustream = Unemployment.  He has messed up in Tennessee, Dallas, and now has flunked out of Winnipeg.

From Paul Friesen at the Winnipeg Sun:

5770PACMAN"Go to the UFL and do my thing and get ready for a playoff run in the NFL, you know what I’m sayin’?"

That’s when someone called Jones, live, and presumably told him what league he was really going to.

Gotta love that commitment, Pac.

Throughout, fans chatted with the guy, some from Winnipeg. One told him it was cold here.

"Pain is only temporary," Jones said. "Besides, I’m only gonna be there for eight weeks… or shorter."

Good luck in that effort to get back into the NFL Pacman.  You are going to need it.

Sports Reporters and Twitter

As I just mentioned, I follow a lot of sports reporters on Twitter.  As a group they talk back and forth a lot to each other but also a lot to fans themselves via @ replies and also Direct Messages.  I have a bunch of Direct Messages with comments that are just a bit to edgy to post publically but also take some shots back at players and coaches (which I also suspect follow said media types and probably not want to hear said things).  Nothing scandalous and often are just plain laugh out loud funny.  If they are doing it with me, they are doing it with others which in addition to being fun, has increased my loyalty to them as writers and broadcast journalists.

Of course I follow a lot of other media types and none of them (other than some of the New York Times columnists) are as interactive as sports guys and I wonder why.  The local Saskatoon media are good but I suspect that is because we are all in Saskatoon.  I would suspect other local media is the same way but other national types are other TwitterFeed robots or are there to publish, not listen and definitely not interacting.

Sports on TwitterNow the weird thing is that while I am a media junkie, outside of few favorite writers and reporters, I don’t find myself looking forward to what they have written or reported on like I do with sports reporters.  It isn’t that I don’t follow a lot of news because I do, it just that I don’t follow individual national reporters like I do with sports reporters and a lot of that has to do with how Twitter has changed that relationship.

If I am a publisher or a struggling media company (oh let’s just pull one out of thin air… Canwest Global for instance) and there is a way for more people to watch our news programs and care more deeply about what we are publishing, I would be all over that.  Instead there is a RSS feed powered bot that publishes the Global National News account.  A very pedestrian 1,800+ followers which is a paltry amount considering it is one of the big three national newscasts in Canada.

Then you look at the NFL Network which has @richeisen and @jamiedukes Twittering day and night and also incorporates Twitter into NFL Total Access (and they do a pretty good job of it too). 

If I was Global, I would get Kevin Newman Twittering several times a day about stories they are working on and then I would get a couple of interns to read what people are sending him, check out leads, and react to feedback.  Also it gives them a reason to interact with other reporters, media companies, and sources by linking and talking back and forth.  Don’t follow the Anderson Cooper model of just talking about your show (we know he has the best hair but there is more to broadcast journalism than nice hair) but interact with the rest of the web.  I am sure the normal answer as to why this isn’t done is that it takes a lot of time doing their makeup and hair for television but c’mon, have you seen the amount of followers that some of the national sports reporters have.  While not exactly Ashton Kutcher type followings but their followings can actually read.

In a day and age where media companies are trying to make us care about them again, not taking social media seriously doesn’t seem to be a strategy that is going to pay off.  This isn’t just about Twitter but other social media sites as well.  The Oregonian is uploading it’s photos to Flickr.  For those that keep saying that the internet is going to kill newspapers but stuff like this is the future: mixing a paper’s output with related web communities that benefits both parties in the end.  It gives me a reason to care and reconnects me to what is happening at that media source.  I have linked to this video on Vimeo before.

My question is where are the stories like this before the papers close down.  Where are the stories that allow us to connect back to the story tellers themselves.  The tools are all there, it’s up to the media companies to use them.

Wendy on the social web

Over on her blog

Several years ago someone got very angry at Jordon because he never phoned someone.  Jordon’s reply was, I e-mail regularly and I don’t really call anyone anymore.  The person was quite upset and ranted and raved about how stupid e-mail is.  Now the situation was more complicated than that but Jordon was caught using the wrong kind of communication system than someone else and they took it personally.

I find myself in a similar situation.  I publish this blog, contribute over at the cabin weblog, I use Upcoming, Twitter, Dopplr, and Flickr.  When you combine all of that content, there is a lot of Wendy out there.  You could even combine all of it together on Google’s Homepage if you wanted which would give you things like the weather at the lake and Saskatchewan Roughrider scores if you cared enough.   For some that isn’t enough or it isn’t in the right format (e-mail, phone, paper) which causes problems for them.  In the end it isn’t personal enough.

Which causes this problem

In the end, I tend to think that the problem isn’t the form of communication, it is the lack of relationship that allows you to go any deeper.  If you didn’t have a relationship with me and wanted one again, I would think this would be frustrating but at the same time, it isn’t technology that is the problem, it is that we don’t have a relationship and paper, phone, or e-mail won’t change that.

I wonder how much angst over new communication forms is based in insecurity over the relationships we fear are slipping away.

Now on Twitter

The last couple of days  I have been having a running discussion with Karen over at The Hedge Society on Twitter about why Apartment Therapy doesn’t use Twitter.  Several of my favorite design sites all use Twitter and I follow many of them over at The Cooper Cabin.  During our discussion made me realize that I use Twitter to follow friends but a lot of media sites as well.  I follow ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, The Star Phoenix, the New York Times, and CBC Saskatchewan, on Twitter along with other media sites.  Apartment Therapy slags Twitter a couple of times on their sites and maybe Biz and Ev have ugly apartments but whatever the reason, it seems odd that a media site whose bottom line depends on page views, would turn reject a free way to get more page views, retweets, and buzz about their site.

I started to think about how I rely less on RSS and more on Twitter to follow sites and decided to put on Twitter.  My personal Twitter account will always been me talking about whatever I am thinking about in 140 characters.  The Twitter account will be automated and generated by the RSS feed and content on as it is published to the site.  Not quite a media empire but hopefully it will make it a little easier for those of you who are fans of the site and also diehard Twitter users.

This isn’t the only place where we tweet around the house, you can follow the entire household on Twitter

The book that has no face

Quitting Facebook Well I quite Facebook the other day and am not one of the 200 million cool kids out there any longer.  It’s not that big of deal for me as about a week after I signed up, it lost a lot of interest for me.  I suppose it would be really good if you were a large family as it would be a good way of staying connected but the last time I checked, my family lived in my house or I am responsible for his dog.  Plus we all rather enjoy Twitter.  Except for Oliver, he isn’t that big of fan. 

The only person I know who is passionate about Facebook is Gloria and she cares about a lot of things I don’t care about, like eating bran.

The only thing that I learned from Facebook is that a lot of people I know like quizzes about sex and like playing online Scrabble.  Maybe this is why I prefer Flickr and Twitter.  I can still be found on LinkedIn, Upcoming, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Dopplr, Google, Yahoo! Library Thing, and a couple of different blogs so I think people will be able to find me and yet at the same time, not send me any online quizzes to do.

Twitter has been acquired

Maggi Acquires Twitter

In case you missed the big news about Twitter, it was acquired by my dog Maggi last week.

While it has since been broken into pieces, that dog toy below Maggi looks just like the Twitter mascot which we found at Old Navy.  At it’s most recent evaluation, the toy Twitter was worth $6.99 but it’s rumored that Facebook was willing to give Maggi almost double but that in Facebook stock and tennis balls to fetch.

Recently on Twitter

  • I’m spending tomorrow at RUH having tests done to find out why my left side of my body is no longer working correctly #
  • It’s cheaper to fly from Winnipeg to London than it is to fly from Saskatoon to Toronto. #