Photography Workshop in Saskatoon and Regina

Noted Saskatchewan photographer Ryan Wunsch is holding photography workshops in Saskatoon and Regina this April.

Upcoming Event: DSLR Photography Workshop with Ryan Wunsch in Saskatoon & Regina

This workshop will explain the technical aspects of your camera in an easy to understand method. ISO, Aperture, Shutterspeed, RAW files, Dynamic Range and similar topics will be explained and make sense.

Other topics such as composition, lighting techniques, creativity, equipment worth having, gadgets that are a waste of money as well as digital photo editing will also be covered.

Your landscapes, vacation photos, wildlife, still life, portraits, pictures of your family and even selfies will be much improved after taking this 2 day workshop. The workshop is a mix of classroom and practical hands on learning with 1 on 1 time available throughout the 2 days.

This course is beneficial to all skill levels. If you have just bought a camera and don’t know how to turn it on, this class is for you. If you have been shooting for a few years but want to learn how to achieve that extra wow factor, this class is for you. If you are an accomplished photographer and just want to get excited about photography again, this class is for you.

To register for the Saskatoon workshop, click here.

To register for the Regina workshop, click here.

Ryan is one of my favourite photographers anywhere.  His ability to capture an amazing photo out of a subject I probably wouldn’t care about if I drove by it on the highway is remarkable.  Not only does he have skill but I realize from watching his work over the years how hard he works to get these perfect shots.  There are so many times I see him post something to social media and I look at the weather around Leader and realize how miserable it there.  Meanwhile I am sitting at home because I don’t want to go out.  He may be one of the hardest working photographers in Canada.  No wonder his work is getting so much attention.

If you want to get serious about photography, I can’t think of a better photographer to learn from.

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