The Best Star Trek Series Ranked

I was tweeting this out the other day and was told how incorrect I was.  Apparently my ranking of Star Trek: The Next Generation was too low for almost all of you.  Still I stand behind my statement.  The Next Generation sucked but not as much as The Original Series.

  1. Star Trek: Starfleet BadgeStar Trek: Deep Space Nine:  Dark, moody, had a two year long war that saw hundreds of Federation ships destroyed.  Gene Roddenberry would have hated it but it’s my favorite.  Also Avery Brooks who played Captain Sisko was Hawk on Spencer for Hire.
  2. Star Trek: Voyageur: I liked it even before Seven of Nine joined the crew.  My only issue was while almost everyone else got a promotion, Ensign Kim never did.  Was his performance so middling he couldn’t have been made a lieutenant? 
  3. Star Trek: Enterprise: The idea of Starfleet going out with in deep space with an under performing Enterprise helped by duplicitous Vulcans, I’m okay with that.  Plus it had a beagle on board.
  4. Star Trek: The Next Generation:  The Enterprise D was ugly, Riker can’t keep the shields up, Tasha Yar was killed off in a horrible way.  Outside of the Borg episodes and the one where they brought Yar back, the series sucked.  Okay that one episode when the U.S.S. Phoenix went rogue was pretty cool. The Nebula class starships look so much cooler than the Galaxy class ships.
  5. Star Trek: TOS:  I’ll watch it if nothing else is one.

That being said, I am a huge fan of the movies including The Next Generation movies.  Of course the premise is often darker, the sets are better, the uniforms look good.  If only Riker could keep the shields up.

2 thoughts on “The Best Star Trek Series Ranked”

  1. fascinating. i too like ds9 much better than the other series, but voyager the worst. i…think that’s just because i watched it after ds9 and it was just way to different. it also had a less talented cast and worse writing, in my opinion. i’m giving it a rewatch to see if i enjoy it, so we’ll see

  2. I understand your opinions but I disagree with almost all of them, TOS in last shocked me. For me it would be:
    1. The Original Series
    2. Deep Space Nine
    3. Voyager Tied With Next Generation
    4. Enterprise

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