Some quick family updates

I get asked all of the time if Mark is going to keep working at Safeway though the school year.  The answer is yes.  He is working most weekends including the Labour Day weekend.  We had a long talk about what holidays were important to have off if possible like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and things like family birthdays and gatherings.  Then we talked about the non-important holidays where three times his regular pays was pretty important.  Labour Day fell into that this weekend.  It means that we are going to Moose Jaw to have wings at the Deja Vu Cafe while Mark is cutting fruit at Safeway.

As for his money, some asked how we handle that.  It’s been pretty simple.

  • He wants $1000.00 for next year’s holidays which means that $40 a paycheck has to go into his savings account off the top.
  • Then he pays his cell phone account which $19 month to month via Virgin.  He gets texts and minutes but no data.
  • He has a travel and adventure journal, in it he has a list of the gear he wants for next year.  Things like new hiking boots and some other gear he wants to upgrade.  He keeps an eye for that stuff on sale.
  • Also he wanted to take care of Christmas presents.  He has Wendy’s birthday and Christmas gifts taken care of.  He tells me he has mine purchased and is waiting until closer to Christmas to get Oliver one of his gifts.  So yeah, he’s done.
  • Then when he gets paid, he takes all of the money that was left in his checking account and dumps it into his savings account for travel.  He has saved most of this money from this summer.

The entire “It’s my money and I get to do with it what I want” doesn’t work in our household.  He’s not like that anyways.

He is working while going back to school.  Safeway allows him to restrict his hours.  Not only that but he has a department manager that played sports and worked so he has one of Mark’s football schedules and is going to work around that.  It will be fine and if it isn’t, we will help him out.  I don’t know what means now that I have written it but I guess I could suit up and play football again, kind of like Sinbad in Necessary Roughness.

For the record, I did go to YouTube as soon as I thought about Sinbad in Necessary Roughness.   Also, the movie holds up well.  As a side note, I was watching this in a hotel in Boston when the hotel caught fire. 

Also while the rest of you were posting cute first day of school photos to Instagram, Oliver gets ready, walks to the door and goes, “Later”.  He’s a pro at this school thing now.

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