Race for Ward 10 Just Got Dirty

Mattea Merta's Campaign Door Hanger

There is a lot going on in this door hanger by Mattea Merta.  So we must:

  1. Cut spending in the city and only concentrate on core services
  2. Build a pool for Ward 10 families.

Okay then.

The fun line in all of this is the attack on Zach Jeffries which may not be that accurate.  If I recall, Jeffries is contracted out by Junior Achievement’s board as a contractor to do certain programs.  A distinction that is kind of important.  It’s a piece of literature that seems to reflect the worst in civic politics and gives people a reason to by cynical.  Not that way I would want to start my campaign.

Also, I hate being that guy but it’s rein in taxes, not reign in taxes.

2 thoughts on “Race for Ward 10 Just Got Dirty”

  1. Judging how things go, maybe she’s hoping to be Queen of the Taxes, hence “Reign in the Taxes.”
    Or maybe she really meant, “Rain in the Taxes;” because she’s hoping to somehow have it rain all winter instead of snow.
    Climate change, anyone?

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