Some quick takes on Saskatoon City Council races

This is what I think I think.

  • Dayday is not a credible candidate.  His Twitter handle links to a domain name that is currently unregistered.  If you can’t register your own domain name and set up a website, why are you even running.  This seems more about a blood feud with Atch than anything else.
  • If crime becomes an issue in the election, both the Mayor and Clark are in trouble.  Both have been around forever and it’s gotten worse on their watch.
  • I haven’t seen a lawn sign on public property yet.  This is is a good thing.  Can we keep them off of public property?  It makes the city look like crap and boulevards don’t vote.
  • In the spring, Darren gave Wendy some gardening advice.  She ignored it (because she always ignores good gardening advice) and our garden sucks despite the heat and the rain.  It’s a bit of the sore spot with Wendy and one that we enjoy rubbing salt in.  Anyways I point this out because one candidate ran in 2012 because they thought the front runner was rude on the doorstep.  Not that I am saying that Wendy is running but it’s amazing what motivates people to run for office.
  • Everyone is telling me what the impact on Kelley Moore’s entrance into the race will be but none of us have any idea.  It’s been 48 hours.  No one knows how a campaign is going to go after only 48 hours.  For right now, she has a long hill to climb but remember, when Nenshi started, he was dead last and considered and after thought.  Even the election that saw Atch election, he was behind before a violent assault happened downtown and shook up the race.  No lead is safe in civic races.
  • I was really surprised that Atch has been taking the summer off of campaigning.  I was challenged on Twitter that he has the right approach and by lying low, he makes himself as small as target as possible.   On the flipside, I am even hearing from candidates in areas that most would define as Atch’s base that people really want change.  I still think if he loses that the election could have been lost in August.

2 thoughts on “Some quick takes on Saskatoon City Council races”

  1. The sense I get from a number of Charlie Clark supporters is that, until Kelley Moore entered the race, they were supportive but had their own beefs or hang-ups with him on various issues and haven’t thought too much of the campaign thus far. It’s been lacking inspiration and verve, imho. Kelley has a lot to be gained given her having worked in city hall for years, the fact that she’s a fresh face and she’s already begun reaching out privately to many influential people and finding some support (or so I hear). And unlike Charlie, she’s using a locally based PR team (no Vancouver outsiders). It remains to be seen whether Dayday will step back given her entry into the race, but something tells me he will. As for the five councillors currently running unopposed (Jeffries, Donauer, Davies, Hill and Loewen), I find it rather lame that there’ll be this great race in Ward 6 with 5 losers, ultimately, a couple of whom would do well to try elsewhere given that they’d likely succeed if they knew what the spending habits of Jeffries, Davies and Hill are like – they sure don’t seem to mind spending other people’s money, even when it comes to charitable donations.

  2. Election Signs are not allowed until Sept. 11 45 days before the election. Many streets are restricted from putting signs so major entry points will be void of signs.

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