Yashica Mat-124 G

I never shoot film.  I have taken probably 100,000 photos in my life and since I bought my first digital camera, I have never shot a film camera.  I had no desire to do so.   That being said, I have always wanted a Twin Lens Reflex camera.  My grandfather had one (probably a Kodak Dualflex) and I have always loved the look of Rolleiflex cameras.

The other day while working on something at Don’s Photo, a customer came in with a large collection of gear.  One of them was a Yashica Mat-124 G twin lens reflex camera.

Yashica Mat-124 G

It is a medium format camera (way bigger negatives than 35mm film) and not exactly the easiest to use but they are fascinating to me and I find them incredibly cool.   The gentleman wanted to sell it on consignment and after taking a look at it and the price, I decided to purchase, if only to own a piece of history.  Also, as Paul McCartney shows, it’s a great selfie camera (I’m kidding).

Paul McCartney taking a selfie

The first step was to load some film into it.  Which I’ll be honest, I had to ask a colleague on how to do.  it isn’t the easiest process to master.  After we did that, the camera is extremely easy to use and still meters.  It’s not a point and shoot but it is really easy to use. 

Since the Yashicamat camera is basically a Rolleiflex copy, the controls take a similar configuration. Build quality is very good and when the lens is stopped down, it takes excellent photos.

Now all I need to do is grow a beard, wear tight jeans, and some flannel, ride a fixie and I too can take part of the hipster revival on 20th Street. 

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