Growing up, I had a Cocker Spaniel/Black Lab mix named Misty.  As she got older, the highlight of her day was going to bed.  As soon as I would say, “go to bed” she would race downstairs and jump on my bed and pretend to fall asleep.   It was the only time she sprinted for anything.  30 seconds later I would move her out of the middle of the bed and she would slowly open her eyes, stretch out as to say, “why are you waking me from my deep slumber”.  It was a great act every single night for years.

Last night I told Marley to get to bed.  She jumped up high onto the bed and while in mid air, she curled herself into a ball before she hit the bed.  I channeled my inner Keanu Reaves and was like, “whoa”.  Then she overplayed the sleep thing because as soon as she hit the bed, she started to snore.  It’s a fake snore because she doesn’t so it while sleeping.  It’s all an attempt to tale my spot on the bed.  Unlike Misty though, there was no fake wake up, just a disgusted dog because she doesn’t get the bed to herself.

Then during the night, she is supposed to sleep at the end of the bed.  She hates that because she wants to sleep in between Wendy and I and put her head on my shoulder.  So any time Wendy or I move at all, she pounces, sometimes literally in an attempt to move up the bed.   Every single night.

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