The Jordon Cooper Podcast

The Jordon Cooper Podcast

A very long time ago I used to host a podcast here.  Then life happened and I ran out of time to do it.   Lately I have been realizing that while I get to say a lot of things in my column at The StarPhoenix, I don’t get to get into everything I wanted to talk about.  800 words is 800 words and from time to time I want to use more.

So from now on, every Sunday night, I am going to record and upload a podcast about my column the next day.   It’s going to let me talk about some of things that went into my column and some other things that may have come across my desk since I filed.    It will be about five minutes and hopefully provide some context and more details to what I was thinking about that week.

Look for it to go live sometime before dawn on Monday.

The first couple of episodes will show up here but once iTunes approves the podcast, they will appear there as well.  You can follow the podcast via RSS at

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