Ford Focus Road Trip Starts Now

Focus on my City with the 2015 Ford Focus

Good morning.  Wendy, Mark, Oliver, and I are about to hop into a 2015 Ford Focus and take it for a weekend long road trip across Southern Saskatchewan.

The first leg of the trip today is taking us from here to Moose Jaw where we will be checking into the Temple Garden’s Hotel and Spa in Moose Jaw.  After dropping off our bags, we are heading to the Claybank Brick Plant, a National Historic Site which was instrumental to the railway; from the building of brick facades for railway hotels (like the Delta Bessborough) to firebricks for trains and even World War II fireboxes.  After exploring that, we are heading back into Moose Jaw where we will explore some more of the city, hit up Smoke’s Poutinerie for supper, and then relax in the spa tonight.

Sunday morning will see us getting up early, grabbing breakfast and the heading south to Rouleau, Saskatchewan.  You may know it as Dog River.   After a stop there, we are heading to Ogema, Saskatchewan where we will take a trip on the Southern Prairie Railway.

As always, Ford Canada is lending me the car for review.  This time they are also covering our expenses for the trip but haven’t placed any restrictions on what I can write.  I did however sign an agreement that says that no one can smoke in the car.  It is unsaid  but I am pretty sure that I am prohibited from doing any Evil Knievel type stunts or jumps with the car as well.  This is in part because I don’t look good in leather jumpsuits. 

Mark, Wendy and I will be tweeting the trip, posting stuff to Instagram, and writing about the day in long form on our blogs.   Hope your weekend will be as much fun as ours.

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