After three days of sleeplessness, fevers, and chills I went back to St. Paul’s Hospital.  The cellulitis had gone from my ankle up my calf and almost to my knee.  As of 5:00 a.m. this morning, the infection was winning.

So the plan was to be at St. Paul’s by 6:00 a.m.  We walked in, saw triage and was given a bed right away.  I was quite pleased with how fast this was going.  I expected to be home by 10:00 a.m.  Since the teaching is done at RUH, it meant no interns, no residents and just a doctor.

So the nurse saw it, gave an expected course of action.  The doctor saw it, affirmed her course of action.  He ordered blood work.  The blood work came.  I was rolling along.

The white blood cell count came back as normal.  Which was kind of odd since I have this chronic infection.  The C-Reative Protein test came back.  I did well in it.  It was supposed to be around 7.  Mine was 150.8.  Beat that folks.

So they gave me a dose of IV antibiotics and then I wait until 3p to leave.  I had to see Home Care to get me to agree to give myself an IV.  Then they made me sign off on giving me my own medication via IV.  Then they taught me to give myself medication via IV but not really because I already had it.  I did get an instruction guide. 

Oh yeah, they put the IV into my hand.   Not only do I look like a hardcore addict but you type with an IV in your hand (of course I can inject heroine into my hand if I ever decide to take up drugs).

I think that was the biggest frustration, I asked them several times to keep the needle out of my hands for work and they stuck into my hand because it was the easiest place for them to jab a needle.  Actually they seemed amazed that I would be working and not at home.  Like I have written before, some of us need to work, especially with an illness that has no end date right now.

Then I was allowed to go to City Hospital where they gave me boxes and boxes of medication.  I have more gear then a safe injection site (and with my hand, I look the part).

Some thoughts.

  • Since the start everyone has been saying that my leg is a vascular issue despite the vascular tests being largely normal.  I have been saying it is an infection.   It’s weird, I have had a few doctors look at my leg closely and none of them have thought it was cellulitis when it clearly was.  I am sure this happens lots but doctors appear to “thin slice” to use Malcolm Gladwell’s term.
  • I have a problem with what the hospital charge for parking.  It cost me $18 for a day of parking and it wasn’t like it was I was there for a party.  That is obscene and taking advantage of people.
  • Here is something else that blew me away today.  Everyone in emergency today was on a waiting list for a specialist and their condition had deteriorated to the point where they were sent to the E.R. (we had time to chat).
  • I am not really that comfortable injecting myself with an IV medication everyday so I asked if I can come in and have it done.  Nope.  My choices were inject yourself or have a nurse come in on their hours (which doesn’t work for my schedule) and they can do it for you.  I can’t go to a clinic or hospital to have it done.  I just want a time and I’ll be there early but nope.  I don’t know why this can’t be done.  So this is patient centric care in Saskatchewan.  Do what you aren’t comfortable doing because it’s cheaper and you have a piece of paper.
  • Cellulitis hurts.  Badly. 
  • I don’t know if this is going to work.  Every treatment they have tried so far “is going to work”.  It’s been 8 months and I am getting sicker.

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  1. Jordon Cooper;

    I agree with what you are saying! “Health Care” is obsolete. Been there done all that, for almost 20 years. It doesn’t get any better. Including the repetitive referrals to specialists that are a waste of time and money, and never accomplish anything. Lots of recall appointments, but no action! In that time, my health has deteriorated, as the monopoly of Doctors who want to work within a PATIENT PAY A LOT MORE FIRST system, that requires much more “funding and more physicians, nurses, technicians”.

    It has gone on for almost 20 years of a worsening condition, that has never been appropriately dealt with, never previously mentioned until it is beyond repair or cure. If not by my own anger, resolution, fight, and stubborn, realistic logic and common sense, while ignoring their lack of training and pure guess, rather than accurate diagnosing, they would have killed me with medication interactions, known allergies that have been ignored and a lack of empathy for my health or my current situation.

    “LEAN” means Health Care does less for patients, but demands More Money, more heavily paid administration and Board members, NOT PATIENT CARE.

    So now, many of us just wait for our ‘number to come up”, as health deterioration is so extensive, there is no longer any feasible options. Find a new Family Doctor they say, but after 4 years of trying, none will take me on, because of all the health complications, physician fear of surgical errors, their religious views-meaning they just pray for you, not help you; or the GP’s who want to be Specialist in “preferred fields” but only trained as GP’s!

    Often the GP’s USED to be able to diagnose and treat/cure a medical problem, before much time has passed, WITHOUT the wait times and referrals to numerous Specialists who work like contractors, refusing to do even the smallest amount of the other specialist’s job, or won’t do it until 3 other specialists give an opinion or actually perform a necessary “helpful” procedure (which seldom happens), leaving months, years and lives being thrown under the bus. And they wonder why there is an increase of depression and mental health issues. Now add an illness with your immediate family, caregiver or child, while trying to survive yourself and physicians are even more afraid to do anything. Oh, and they mention their dislike of reprimands for inadequate medical practice and unwanted Law suits, to make it appear that they are the victim of a greedy healthcare system.

    Do not let them overdose you in antibiotics, without accurate lab results of the infection, as they like to treat without knowing for sure what they are treating, which puts you at a high risk for gastrointestinal, liver disease and eventually, antibiotic resistant. Things get worse fast, real fast! Because you are so sick, your quality of life deteriorates and time passes by faster than you realize. Eventually all your days become one, your family, friends and children’s lives and celebrations are simply a vague memory, a blur of time. Without the necessary medical interventions and procedures, (not just medicating you, so you don’t know what is going on) things get so bad there is no turning back.

    Take medication ONLY if they can guarantee and adequately explain that it will work, don’t let them tell you to rely on the information from the internet or you pharmacist. They are the Doctors who are supposed to be diagnosing and treating and explaining their diagnosis and treatment program so you and your caregiver understands and can make a educated and informed consent to carry through the treatment program, or not! That is the job of ANY physician or ANY Medical Personnel! Demand it!

    The more diagnostic equipment they have, the less they know! They can’t think for themselves or think logically.
    They seldom understand exactly how the WHOLE human body works, which is what they are supposed to know when becoming a General Practitioner, BEFORE self-declaring a Special Interest – or suggesting they specialize only on certain diseases or “dermatology” (cosmetology)!

    Best Wishes to you and your family. Since the time that the Liberal Dr. Melenchuk and NDP Roy Romanow made a deal to appease the Doctor’s Strike in Saskatchewan, our “patient-first” healthcare ‘system’ took a huge nose dive! Now Family Physicians are “not allowed” to perform even minor procedures in the clinic or in the hospital, but MUST be referred to a Specialist, with a long wait period for first appointment, while patient worsens, to be referred by that Specialist to another Specialist and so on, and so on, and so on….while many years pass by.

    If you go back to your GP, they will RE-Refer you to many of the same Specialists, because there are very few Doctors for each Specialty in Saskatchewan. The very last thing they will ever do is spread the wealth outside of the province. LEAN means make sure the funds for each patient have a way to generate incomes for each union employee and physician in the system, by on-going referrals, but without any diagnosis, just guessing games!

    Unless you have excellent private healthcare coverage or a lucrative income, you are put at the bottom of “their” list, literally playing God with our lives, deciding who is allowed to be accurately diagnosed, or just patronized, while the province collects funds from other provinces and other countries, to treat out of province individuals.

    There are many more people suffering for too many years, under inaccurate and utterly ridiculous diagnosis, expensive unnecessary treatments, etc. Sometimes nature has the right healers, tons of fresh raw onion and garlic in every meal, soups, sandwiches, raw snack, are the best medicine ever made.

    There are many more people suffering for too many years, under inaccurate and utterly ridiculous diagnosis, expensive unnecessary treatments, etc. Sometimes nature has the right healers, tons of fresh raw onion and garlic in every meal, soups, sandwiches, raw snack, are some of the best medicine ever made. Seniors would even place raw onion and raw garlic on open infections to draw out the bacteria, particularly in ‘deathly’ infections, like staphylococcus.

    Best Wishes to you and your family,

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