A new attack ad from your Saskatchewan NDP

Hey there is a new ad by the Saskatchewan New Democrats out.   I’ll leave my comments at this.  As an attack ad, it tries to do too much.  It should have been two ads.   The discussion as to where the money went, can be left for another day.

Disclaimer: I generally hate all political ads. I liked the Daisy ad but that’s it.  I like long policy discussions with nuance.  I don’t think that has ever happened in a political ad so I am always disappointed in them.

2 thoughts on “A new attack ad from your Saskatchewan NDP”

  1. I am wondering if Mr Broten has thought of a response to Sk and Ab getting a $Billion between them? Mr Wall is talking about “stimulating” the oil patch with it. I have worked the oilfield for 35 years and seen this down turn a few times and it always heals itself. If we get $500M in Sk, is there not some long term projects that the province could benefit from besides putting it into an industry that the province really has no control over other than the sale of oil? I’ve been unemployed for over a year now but common sense tells me infrastructure of roads,health care, etc could use it more beneficially than the thankless oil industry, it will be back, just not certain when and $500M isnt going to “buy” it back!

    Thanks, Jon

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