The BHP Billiton Enchanted Forest

Wendy gets a free ticket for a carload of people to take in the BHP Billiton Enchanted Forest through Safeway.  After weeks of wanting to go but not feeling good enough to go, we finally went last night.

The line was only a couple of minutes long but for some reason a brawl broke out in the backseat over a milkshake. Wendy was punching Mark while Oliver was drinking as fast as he could. I can’t take any of them anywhere. Once we got inside, we turned to 97.3 and began the slow drive through the Forestry Farm.

It was going well until the car in front of us hit the car in front of him.  Yes folks there was an accident at the Enchanted Forest.  It didn’t really impact us.  They exchanged info and carried on.  The boys thought it was hilarious and performed a variety of monologues about it from the back seat.

The kids didn’t really have a favourite display.  That’s not a bad thing, they just enjoyed all of it.  Santa’s Reindeer, the Rider’s Grey Cup titles, and snowmen were all mentioned lots.  That being said, I loved the massive lit up evergreens.

The little car collision in front of it, that just made it even better.

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