Endless Evolution

I don’t get this latest video from Tourism Saskatoon.  Great production values but basically it is Kim Coates saying he likes to come home to Saskatoon and that he had a good experience at the University of Saskatchewan.  He then had to move away to hone his craft.

Tell me again how this is supposed to attract people to Saskatoon, unless they are thinking of taking drama?  I guess if the target is Kim Coates fans and we want them to know that he was from (and likes) Saskatoon, it is a good video but how big is that market?  Even then, all you have is Kim Coates riding around town on his motorcycle.

Nice cameo by Murray Totland though.

One thought on “Endless Evolution”

  1. Jordon, thanks for taking a look at this piece. I would love the opportunity to address some of the concerns you have with this piece. First off, I am the director so I’m probably to best to explain our positioning.

    With all the work we produce, we look to take unique angles with our productions. We also look to certain individuals with stories to tell to connect audiences to our messages. Our approach is consistent and when thinking of the best approach to producing content for Tourism Saskatoon, it was to use these people who love Saskatoon to tell this story.

    Virtually any city can be pitted against each other based on their marketing materials. For us, we wanted to take an approach that was different… something beyond just a sizzle reel. We used these ambassadors as our spokespeople.

    Referring to the specific line, “Tell me again how this is supposed to attract people to Saskatoon, unless they are thinking of taking drama?” Emotion is the best way to connect to audiences and it is clear that Kim’s passion is genuine. When you say that the audience is just fans of Kim’s, I tend to disagree. It is hard to ignore this and in our humble opinion, the ability to connect to people is what life is about.

    Unfortunately Kim’s dreams were bigger than what Saskatchewan can offer. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hold a special place in his heart for his hometown. He frequently visits and also gives back to the community in so many ways because he loves it so much. To me, that truly makes him an amazing ambassador and I am proud to say this passion has inspired me and has influenced the way in which I approach my work.

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