Father’s Day Giveaway from Ford!

With Father’s Day almost here, I have a cool giveaway for readers of the blog for Father’s Day compliments of Ford Canada.

Here are the rules.  Leave a comment with your real name and email address.  Tell a story about driving with your dad (or step-dad or uncle or father figure), tell us a little about the car, the place, and why it was memorable.  It can be meaningful or funny, you pick.

I’ll do a draw from the contestants and you will win….

  • Ford Genuine Parts Bar Stool with Backrest Constructed from heavy gauge 1” tubular steel frames with lustrous chrome plated finish. Commercial grade vinyl covering screened on the underside so designs will not scratch off with use. Thick foam padded seats rotate on a 360 degree swivel. Easy assembly required. Recommended for indoor use only. Dimensions: Seat – height 30” Seat Diameter- 14” Backrest Height: 42”
Gp stool
  • Ford Genuine Parts retro metal and wood sign.
Ford v8 blue
  • Ford ball cap

Winners will be notified by email on Monday and Ford will ship the prize anywhere in Canada.  I am looking forward to reading your stories!

8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Giveaway from Ford!”

  1. I don’t think I can win but here goes.

    We were driving home from the cabin between Nokomis and Lanigan and I am super sick. I finally ask dad to stop the car NOW and I go to throw up. I get my head out of the door and am leaning on the front seat when Mom decides to give me more room and flips the front seat forward as I am throwing up.

    I fall out of the car and onto the gravel shoulder face first, right in a pool of my own vomit.

    Not our best roadtrip.

  2. My dad was born in England and when he immigrated to Canada, he fell in love with the mountains. So my parents would save up enough to travel to the Rockies from Manitoba during the summer. We drove in (If i remember right) a 70’ish Ford LTD Station Wagon. Green and wood paneling. To seat us all, there was the backwards facing seat in the back. Highly unnatural way to travel, but the oldest siblings (my sister and I) got the honour of sitting back there.

    On the LONG haul along Highway 1 to Banff, my sister and I would make faces to drivers behind us to pass the boredom and amuse ourselves. Once in a while some driver would be angry at our antics, pass us and honk at dad. This ended in dad yelling at us and we would laugh because he was way up there in the front and we were in the back. We laughed because we were well out of swatting range in that back seat (Mom was sleeping).

    My sister and I brought this up recently with our parents 20 years later and we all laughed at the random stuff we did in that back seat to drivers.

  3. I remember when my dad decided to teach me how to drive a manual. He had a huge Ford truck and I was used to driving a tiny little automatic car. We went to the mall parking lot on a Sunday (back when malls were closed on Sundays) and gave it a whirl. After a few minutes of trying to pull away, I finally got the truck moving…and crashed right into one of those big yellow curbs! The truck was so big and I was so short that I didn’t even see it. That was the first and last time he ever tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift!

    Jonnie Hartling

  4. My dad had this car a friend had given him , it was in alright except for the rear passenger door which didnt open and close correctly . My dad would never in a million years let someone else work on his car so off to the auto wreckers he went to get another door ..it was a wonderful blue door , it worked great , opened, closed , window worked ! did I mention it was blue ? well the rest of the car was tan … so here is where we get to the driving part ! I had to of been about 9 and my brother 10 , and we were so embarrassed of that damn blue door we would fight over who had to sit in that seat every time we went somewhere . My dad would get so upset at first and yell at us but after a while he just kept track and we had to take turns !! My dad is gone now and I would give anything to have him and that damn blue door back

  5. This story is not funny or even really meaningful, but it is a memory that is stuck in my mind. We were riding in my Dads old Ford truck in northern Saskatchewan going to pick up some firewood. It was raining pretty good so visabilty wasn’t the greatest. We were driving along when a little deer fawn came running out of the woods and right in front of the truck. My Dad slammed on the breaks but unfortunetly it was too late. It was sad, the deer did not make it. Needless to say I always keep an extra careful eye out for wildlife when I am driving.

  6. In September 1995, my dad and I drove from Oakville to Vancouver in a brand new Mecury Mystique. Because of his work schedule and my need to arrive at university the day after Labour Day, we had less than 48 hours to efficiently cover the 4,000+ kilometres. Because we were patriotic, we plotted a route through as much of Canada as we could. We only stopped for fuel, food and relieving ourselves(the gas stations served all three purposes). Memories of the drive include: running on fumes as we glided into Sheridan, Wyoming, testing the limits of the speedometer on the empty night-time highway of Montana and enjoying the beauty of the surroundings near Keechelus Lake in Washington State. We had a gentleman’s bet about who would draw the first traffic ticket. To the chagrin of my father, he was awarded the lone speeding ticket in Escanaba, Wisconsin. 🙂

  7. My dad just bought a dodge ram van. Which was great because they were 7 of us kids. I was in grade 8 and we just found out we were invited to a chess and checker tournament in Watson, Sk He volunteered to drive myself and 5 of my nerdy friends to Watson because he wanted to try out his van. I don’t remember winning, but I do remember having a good time and was thankful for my dad for taking us.
    I also have another memory when I was about 10 riding to the Bob Andrew budget speech in the wagon part of a Ford ltd station wagon. My mom was an MLA and made us lick 100s of Christmas card or maybe thank you card envelopes, By the time we got to Regina my brothers and I had cuts on the sides of our mouth My dad drove and my mom delegated

    2nd story was for free

    Daniel Caswell

  8. In 1966 we had a Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon, a big red long cruiser with fake wood grain on the side. We drove from Saskatchewan to Halifax and back for a family trip, camping, and staying in highway motels. In Montreal, Dad left a coffee cup on the roof at Mount Royal Park, and we drove for an hour after that, discovering the coffee cup still on the roof when we made our next stop. At another stop, we drove away without my little brother and went for several miles before someone noticed he was missing. Out in rural Quebec, we ended up locked out of the car. I was elected to go knock on a door and as a young ten year old prairie boy, had to pantomime to a bemused French speaking woman that I needed a coat hanger to break into a locked car. I’ve always been grateful to my Dad that he took us on that epic road trip adventure. I have many memories of the landscape and the people of Canada from that and other family adventures. As a father myself now, I made sure that my own kids got to see Canada on summer road trips both east and west in our big blue Ford van.

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