New Urbanism’s big impact on medium cities

A quick look at what some huge decisions made by medium sized cities have done since they were made 20 years ago

In mid-sized or smaller cities, the effects of New Urbanism can be much more dramatic. In these places, a few good infill projects, livelier public spaces, and new streetscapes can feel like a whole new downtown. Birmingham, Michigan; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Providence, Rhode Island; and many others that adopted a new urban approach 15 or 20 years ago have transformed themselves to a significant degree. 

The impact on Saskatoon could be similar if Saskatoon City Council has the courage to stick with the City Centre Plan and execute the North Downtown Plan.

One thought on “New Urbanism’s big impact on medium cities”

  1. I think one of the greatest impact a medium city can have is helping the poor. In a large city (like San Francisco), the public largely sees panhandlers, and the mentally ill sleeping on the sidewalk. Even though there are hundreds of agencies, coordinating efforts is near impossible. Having a dozen contiguous cities means people drift, and get lost. A smaller city allows the agencies to work together, and the relief is centralized. The fewer suburbs around a small city tend to coordinate with the more efficient collection of agencies of the one central city.

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