Bike Lanes in Saskatoon

Francois Biber joins David Kirton to talk about bike lanes on the Saskatoon Afternoon Show.


Excellent summary of the issues by both of them.

Just previous to this segment, Kirton expressed his frustration with city councillors, the mayor, and city administration being pro-car.  Listen below.


One thought on “Bike Lanes in Saskatoon”

  1. As the chair of The Partnership I can say that we have supported the idea of protected bike lanes through this process. Unfortunately, some bike advocates have optimistically interpreted that support as a blanket approval of any plan. We have never approved of the final plan, nor did we get a chance to help design it in any meaningful way. We have yet to receive a single drawing.

    We believe that downtowns need to be open to change, but it needs to be done through consensus and collaboration. Change that occurs in a divisive game of ‘heroes and villains’ is rarely long lasting. That’s why, when we read about the final bike lane plan in the newspaper, we immediately contacted the city asking them to defer the vote a month or two so that The Partnership could collaborate to find a solution acceptable to the business community. We continue to believe that a mutually agreeable solution is possible if cooler heads prevail.

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