Dundurn MEGA Mall

CKOM’s Ashley Wills has this

Construction has not begun on a massive trade and exhibition centre South of Saskatoon.

“I think with a project of this magnitude, there are small delays that are along the way and I think they just want to make sure they got all their bases covered,” said Rural Municipality of Dundurn Reeve Fred Wilson on Monday.

The first phase of the Dundurn International Exhibition Centre is expected to start this spring, but repeated requests for an update from Brightenview Development International Inc. have gone unanswered.

Last fall, crews were doing pre-construction work like filling sloughs and clearing brush on the piece of land that was purchased from the rural municipality.

In November, Lorne Nystrom, public affairs with Brightenview, said the project was advancing as planned.

“Different builders are being interviewed over the fall and early winter, that will all be in place in time for starting construction sometime in the spring,” he said back on Nov. 1, 2013.

The first phase of the project is expected to take 18 to 24 months to build at an estimated cost of $120 million. The building will be 300,000 sq. ft., and hold 350 showrooms for businesses from China.

Help me out here.  Saskatoon has a nice looking airport but it is no where near busy enough to be a hub which means we don’t get a lot of flights from major cities where retailers are headquartered.   This is supposed to be a business to business enterprise centre but why build one in a location that would require a layover in Toronto, Calgary, or Edmonton and then an additional drive.  These places are traditionally built near airport hubs and are normally located in China where retailers and companies can liaison with the factories easily.  In fact infrastructure means so much to these deals that Chinese cities are going deep into debt to facilitate them getting built.  

I know land is cheap around Dundurn but this deal makes no sense. This feels like so many of those Devine era ideas that never happened for one reason or another.  

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  1. Once the ocean is built in Dundurn we can then, and only then take this seriously. The reason Vancouver and Toronto are the buyers markets is because you need a port for your goods to arrive from China and go directly to your distribution center .All of the major buyers live in the city where their head offices are located, which is also where the ports of entry are located and this geographic formula is not going to change. This proposed project has zero backing from any buyers association which means there will be zero support from any franchise stores in North America.Trips to China for major buyers will never be replaced as there is legal work and quality control aspects that can only be done on Chinese soil.There is no math in the world that can make this top secret development bring in a minimum of 10,000 buyers a week to Dundurn. I have been selling goods from China for 30 years and I can tell you there is no need for another buyers market location, and there has been zero talk or promotion of this massive trade center at any buyers events. All you have to do is ask yourself,why has this top secret developer proposed to built the largest buyers market in North America without the backing or needs of the buyers,and its too easy to figure out why he does not want any financial concession’s from the Government.

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