Why the “cannibal” cruise ship has already been sunk

As the National Post has reported, there isn’t a lot of to be worried about.

The East Coast of Canada was subject to three-meter waves when the Lyubov Orlova broke its final tow line. In the 12 months since, the ship has spun aimlessly through iceberg-infested waters and been pounded by all manner of swells, storms and gales.

And it’s not like the Lyubov Orlova was in tip-top condition to begin with. Before going to sea, the ship had spent three years deteriorating in St. John’s harbour and tellingly, the only buyer she could fetch was a scrap dealer.

In the October words of Irish Coast Director Chris Reynolds, she was less a cruise ship than “4,000 tonnes of metal,” he told the BBC.

It has probably been at the bottom of the Atlantic for a while.  In the slight chance you want to read more about it, here is the back story.  Basically we towed it for a while and then cut it lose in the Atlantic.  Not our best job as a country.  Ireland wasn’t impressed.

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