Saskatchewan Connected

I have to admit I was disappointed to see this announced.

A free wireless Internet service in Saskatchewan is being shut down six years after it was introduced.

SaskTel has announced that the “Saskatchewan! Connected” initiative is being terminated across the province due to lack of use.

The service was launched by the provincial government, providing a basic level of Internet service throughout the certain businesses districts and post-secondary campuses in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, and Prince Albert.

At the time government ministers insisted it would “build on Saskatchewan’s reputation for innovation and being in the forefront of technology advancement.”

It was used by a lot of homeless men and women at The Lighthouse who had wifi capable cell phones but could not afford the extremely high data rates to stay connected to others.  Since The Lighthouse had the worst network I have ever seen, I found myself having to use Saskatchewan Connected on more than one occasion but found it was unusable after mid-morning which suggested to me that it was being used a lot.

It’s a short sighted decision by the Saskatchewan Party that hurts those without internet access tremendously.

One thought on “Saskatchewan Connected”

  1. Remarkably, when you build something that doesn’t work very well because it’s jammed up quickly, people stop using it.

    It felt like Saskatoon was a world class city because it had free internet downtown and on Broadway. It’s a shame to see this go. I see it only as a lack of investment, not a lack of use.

    Also, I was at Google headquarters last week in Mountainview and bragging about how wonderfully connected Saskatoon was. Our SaskConnected service was better than Google’s free wifi in downtown Mountainview (of campus). That was something of which to be proud.

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