Jobs losses at Casino Moose Jaw and Regina

This is interesting

A restructuring at Casino’s Moose Jaw and Regina will see 55 out-of-scope jobs lost, in the management and administration areas. Terminations are effective immediately.

SaskGaming made the announcement Wednesday, pointing to a decrease in revenues over the past year. In-scope jobs are not being affected.

Compensation packages as well as career counselling is being offered by both Casino’s.

50 jobs are being terminated in Regina, while Moose Jaw will see 5 jobs terminated.

 If I remember correctly, neither Casino Moose Jaw or Regina make as much money as the government had hoped do the fact that if you are a high roller, you don’t want to gamble locally and instead you travel to gamble.  It is interesting to see that despite the boom, revenues are down at Sask Gaming.  

Any suggestions as to what the cause is;

  • People realize that Casinos win more than they do?
  • If you can escape Regina or Moose Jaw you will?
  • Competition with SIGA?
  • Rent increases and a tight rental market eating up disposable income in Regina and Moose Jaw?
  • Maybe they do have the “loosest slots” in the province?

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  1. I have one clue. Years ago I read an excellent book called “Without Reservation: The Making of America’s Most Powerful Indian Tribe and Foxwoods the World’s Largest Casino”. As well as documenting the dubious rise of the Indian casino phenomenon in the United States, it talked about the industry in general.

    Basically, casinos need to constantly expand to attract customers. Casino clientele need new shiny things to keep brining them back. This is why you see the best performing casinos always adding a hotel, a parkade, a restaurant/shopping arcade, new wings, etc.

    I haven’t been to the Regina casino in years but I think they aren’t doing this, relying instead on a steady crowd and good lineup of entertainment. Apparently that doesn’t cut it.

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