2013 Ford Mustang GT

As soon as I was done with Ford’s amazing Focus ST, I took home a Ford Mustang which after 49 iconic years still turned heads everywhere I drove it.

2013 Ford Mustang GT

The Mustang was a 6 speed manual transmission with a  soft top.  As soon as I got in, I took the top down which wasn’t my best move as it was a chilly fall day and I shave my head.  So no hair flowing in the wind and instead I came home with a cold.  Wonderful but hardly Ford’s fault.

2013 Ford Mustang GT

Starting up the Mustang provide a jolt, even after just driving the Ford Focus ST.  It’s 420 horsepower rumbles to life and demands to be taken for a drive and responds with a baritone bark when you step on the gas.

While driving the car during the day is fun, driving it at night is far more interesting.  The Mustang has HID headlamps are standard on all models, and they’re flanked by LED light bars that lend a little more distinction to the front-end treatment. Also new on the lighting front are optional side-mirror puddle lamps that project images of the Mustang’s famous pony emblem onto the pavement when the driver unlocks the car. Very cool.

2013 Ford Mustang GT2013 Ford Mustang GT

On a Saturday night after work, I realized that I had forgotten to grab our electric oil heater from the cabin.  If it freezes it gets wrecked so we decided to drive the two hours in absolute darkness to the lake to get it.  The two boys piled in the back seat and right away I heard a scared voice in the totally pitch black back seat and it was Oliver going, “It’s really dark back here.”  Black seats, roof and a lack of lighting back there really does make it feel like the abyss.

Once we hit the highway, I was being hit by drivers flashing their high beams non-stop at me.  By the time we had going to the lake and back it happened over 100 times (I counted to 100).  The lights are spectacular to drive with, even on low beam; something I appreciated during deer hunting season (and when the deer are more jumpy and therefore more likely to jump out in front of traffic) but few of the oncoming traffic we met did.  HID lights are here to stay and it is something that rural drivers (and older drivers) need to get used to.

As the photo below shows, we did get it a little muddy and dusty

2013 Ford Mustang GT

On the same stretch of road that caused the Focus ST so much problems, the rear wheel drive Mustang was extremely stable, even though it was wet from a rainfall earlier that night.

The one thing the Mustang does not have is a silent mode.  Sneaking into a quiet lakefront community late at night with a car that rumbles like the Mustang had lights turning on as we drove down the main drag.  This car doesn’t sneak anywhere.  While the kids didn’t like the backseat as much as the Ford Focus, my body felt better after the drive in the Mustang.  It was a very comfortable car to drive.

The cons to the vehicle are gas mileage.  While I reset the cars mileage computer, the reviewer before me was getting an atrocious 17.1 litres per 100 kms.  2013 Mustangs on Fuelly get around 20 mpg which isn’t great but isn’t as bad as I would have thought.

The other thing I didn’t like was the steering wheel wasn’t telescopic which meant instead of shifting the wheel around to find the optimal position, I was constantly shifting around.

One last note, when Oliver saw the car, he thought it was a blue KITT as he had just been watching the remake of Knight Rider (which features a Ford Mustang).  He was quite disappointed that it didn’t come with a rockets and guns and said, “So Ford sent you the cheap version of KITT?”  Umm, I guess they did.

After everything considered, it was a lot of fun to drive and a car I would have loved to keep, even if it has no rockets and doesn’t turn into a Ford truck.

For more information on the Ford Mustang GT, check out Ford Canada’s website or head into your local Ford dealer.