Stay classy Saskatoon

Today while taking Oliver to Mayfair School (which has a great new park that just opened), a car went through the intersection while we were approaching the crosswalk.  I never thought too much about it but the guy pulled ahead, got out, and waited for us and then apologized for driving through the intersection while we were there.  He said that it drives him crazy how cars ignore crosswalks, plus he was in a school zone.

I am not sure that he was as guilty as he said (we were about 4 feet away from the corner) but it was really nice to hear someone respect pedestrians and kids.  We accepted his apology, Oliver chatted with him and his kid, and went off to class. As we were walking out, he apologized again and said that his older kid had to jump out of the way of a speeding idiot last year in a school zone which is why he was a little sensitive to it.  I would be as well.  Still it’s nice to know that even if we don’t always get it right, at least people are trying.

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