Faster Composting

SeptoBacWe have composted for years but this year I started to pour a pouch of SeptoBac into the compost bin a couple of times a month.  Septobac is designed to break down solids in septic tanks but is safe for compost as well.  Basically it is enzymes and bacteria that breaks down garden waste a lot faster than composting alone.

We toss food waste and grass into our compost bin.  Generally it takes about a summer to fully break down, depending on what we put into it.  Because we don’t care that much, we occasionally toss corn cobs, pumpkins, and other things that are really slow to break down.  This year was much of the same but we tossed a pouch of SeptoBac in every week and I was stunned what a difference it has made.  

While the summer has been hot and dry, the compost bin has been devouring and processing waste at an incredible rate and seems to be working really well despite us basically tossing almost anything in there.  While I am conscious of the smell, the door has been less than normal which is a plus as well.  It was surprised at how well this has worked.

You can get SeptoBac at Safeway for any other grocery store.

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