Alfred Gilkes

Wendy doesn’t have a lot to do with her family but long after she was estranged from everyone else, her grandfather and her would continue to write letters to each other.  His life started in Guyana in 1906, he was orphaned at a young age, lived in a penal colony as a child, explored the interior of Guyana as a diamond broker, fought a tiger, and then travelled the world on some adventure or another.  When he retired he became a very talented tourist and wrote about that as well.

If he had been born later, he would have been a blogger but instead he did it old school and typed out his autobiography for his family to read.  

Wendy wanted to make it more accessible for Mark and Oliver to read and so we formatted about 200 pages of stories, uploaded them to Blogger and started to research every single thing he wrote about while adding hundreds of links and photos to the story..  After going through it about 15 times, we found two factual errors.  One could have been an OCR mistake and one he spelled out the name of something as he heard it is in English when it was actually a German term.  Okay, that and I am still trying to figure out what a tiger was doing in South America (zoo escapee?)

Wendy isn’t done it yet but it is good enough to let the world know about it at where it is there for the world to read about.

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