Traffic congestion on Mt. Everest is getting worse

Congestion on Mt. Everest has people looking for unique solutions

The world’s highest peak is so crowded with climbers that some are seriously considering installing a ladder on the famed Hillary Step to ease congestion. While the ladder is intended for use for those descending from the peak, the proposal still casts Mt. Everest’s long-running overcrowding issue into stark relief. 

Here is more on Mt. Everest’s traffic problems

Traffic jams, rush hour–yes these concerns not only apply to the upcoming holiday weekend, but also to the highest mountain in the world. The only difference being that on Mount Everest, those inconveniences could totally kill you. Four climbers have died on Everest in the past week, not because of the treacherous mountain, but because there were too many people on it at once creating a “traffic jam.”

That jam will only get worse this weekend as guides are once again expecting the peak to be overrun with around 120 climbers, reports The Associated Press’ Binaj Gurubacharya. “This is the last chance for climbers to attempt to reach the summit. If they can’t, then there is not going to be another opportunity this season,” an Everest official said.

No word on if Mayor Atchison thinks more bridges on Mount Everest will make the traffic congestion go away as he does in Saskatoon and Vancouver.

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