ESPN: Jamarcus Russell – Waking Up


The one-time savior of the Oakland Raiders and the first pick in the 2007 NFL Draft floundered for three painful seasons, but nobody knew why he was struggling. They didn’t know because Russell didn’t tell them. For the first time, JaMarcus Russell speaks about his life as an Oakland Raider and his life away from football. Tom Rinaldi tells us about the awakening of JaMarcus Russell and his second chance to come back and play in the NFL. 

One thought on “ESPN: Jamarcus Russell – Waking Up”

  1. Any Raiders fan that doesn’t have a knee jerk reaction to JaMarcus Russell involving expletives, isn’t a true Raiders fan, because to Raiders fans Russell symbolizes that mythological force that presents hope, dangles it, then shatters it at your feet. That being said, even though he symbolizes the death of hope, I am secretly pulling for the man. I’m not from California, but I’ve been a Raiders fan since I was little, and I think its because I have always innately found resonance with the story of being broken down, clawing your way back, punching adversity in the mouth, and ultimately triumphing. While I hope he never plays for Oakland again (love having you back Woodson!) I hope he is successful in finding peace and fulfillment. Even if he doesn’t sign with a team, this may very well be a story about the journey, not the destination.

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